Thinking of becoming an egg donor?

Thank you for showing an interest in becoming an egg donor. Choosing to become an egg donor is a very noble and worthwhile thing to do; you will be helping another woman to start a family. Many donors feel very positive about being able to give this gift to another person or couple. There are many aspects to consider and we outline some of the main points around donation on this page. 

Legal considerations and responsibility

Egg donation is anonymous with regards to recipients in the UK, which means that the couple or woman using the sperm will not know the identity of the donor. However, for the children conceived from donor eggs the rules are different. It has been shown it is important for some donor-conceived people to find out more about their genetic origins, resulting in a change in the law allowing donor-conceived children to access identifying information about the donor used to conceive them. They are able to access this information at the age of 18, though there are additional circumstances where some information can be accessed from the age of 16.

It is important to remember that if you are accepted as a donor, you will not be legally responsible for any children created with your donated eggs. The legal responsibility will lie with the person/couple that have used the eggs to conceive a child.


If you fit the above criteria and wish to donate we would love to hear from you – please contact us by filling in a contact form or by calling us. We can pay £750 as compensation for your donation.

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