Birmingham open days and evenings

Free fertility and IVF open evenings at our Birmingham fertility clinic

Our Birmingham clinic offers free open evenings for prospective patients. Designed to make choosing the right clinic easier, these free events are a great introduction to the clinical and administrative teams at the clinic, as well as helping you to find out more about our services.

With no-obligation to book, our open days and evenings are open to anyone who wants to find out more about fertility, diagnosis techniques or Natural and Mild IVF.

If there isn’t an event at a convenient time for you please contact us to arrange an initial consultation, however, we hope you will be able to attend as we usually offer two open evenings a month with some open days also available.

An example agenda for an open evening is as follows:

  • 6.15pm - 6.30pm – arrival and welcome
  • 6:30pm – talk from Dr Datta, Consultant in Reproductive Medicine, and Paul Wilson, Laboratory Manager, the talk will include information on Natural & Mild IVF, our approach to fertility treatment and general fertility information
  • 7:15pm – group question & answer session with Dr Datta and Paul Wilson to cover any questions about general fertility information
  • 7:30pm – one-to-one mini consultations with Dr Datta, these are provided on a first come first served basis and provide an opportunity to discuss your individual situation with our lead consultant (Paul Wilson will run tours of the clinic while you wait)

Tickets are free but numbers are limited to enable us to give you the best possible attention so please book to reserve your place.

Our next free open evenings in Birmingham are:

Thursday 3rd November 2016 6:30pm

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6270 Bishops Court,
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I was told I couldn't conceive...but am now a mother thanks to CREATE

When.... was told that her low AMH meant that she couldn't conceive, she and her husband were ready to give up hope of having a biological child. However, after finding out about CREATE's more natural approach, she came to clinic and fell pregnant with a little boy.

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Successful IVF after failure elsewhere

My husband and I came to Create following unsuccessful treatments at another private clinic. The initial consultation, a gynaecological MOT in April 2011, enabled the early diagnosis of a benign ovarian dermoid cyst. Following the removal of the cyst, we returned to Create for treatment in August, a process which had begun with testicular sperm extraction and concluded with natural cycle IVF. We were successful. Our first IVF attempt resulted in a beautiful baby girl born in April 2012.

The staff at Create were quite simply fantastic- professional, empathetic and positive. I was looking for an environment which would offer individualised treatment and the possibility of examining all options. Natural IVF worked with my cycle and the reduced level of medication was also a major bonus. Create’s vigilance also allayed any worries I had about ovarian hyperstimulation. As Create rightly state, all that is needed is one viable sperm and a healthy egg. The wonderful ethos of this clinic is woman centred prioritising Gynaecological health not statistics.

Being in my early forties, my expectations of having a child were exceedingly low. The attitude of all staff at Create is so genuinely encouraging.  The doctors, consultants, nurses and embryologists cheerfully affirmed my possibilities. During the early stages of my pregnancy I was also able to contact both my doctor and embryologist for advice regarding prenatal testing. This clinic works as a team and has a unified vision. Create really is an extraordinary place with committed staff eager to enable women’s reproductive possibilities safely. My husband and I considered Create to be our support mechanism. This extraordinary achievement is due to the extraordinary people working at this clinic. It should be noted that had we not been successful I would have had absolutely no hesitation in returning to Create for further treatment.

“Our treatment was very smooth and it was all very well explained; we were never unsure of the next step.”

We had been together nearly four years when we decided to have fertility treatment. We had just bought our first house together and it felt like the right time to start a family. We heard about CREATE from a friend and decided to attend an open day.

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Successful Natural IVF/IVM

Harriet, 34 years old had PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). She had tried conventional IVF elsewhere, got severe OHSS (Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) and nearly died in intensive care unit. She was warned that further conventional IVF treatment would put her at risk again. She had given up hope of having her own baby. Two years later she was told about Natural Cycle IVF/IVM and came to us. Last year we successfully transferred one embryo following IVM with no drugs and now she is eight months pregnant! She believes that Natural IVF/IVM should be used widely to avoid risks of OHSS and other health risks to women with conventional, drug stimulated IVF.

Single woman IVF with own eggs and donor sperm

This testimonial is long overdue. A healthy bundle of joy keeps you very busy! I cannot thank Prof Nargund enough for giving me the chance of having a baby with my own eggs.

With an AMH of 0.44, no other clinic would have considered this. What horrid thoughts of my baby girl not being here and how empty life was before her. However, with the friendly approach and clinical skills of the doctors, nurses and embryologists, the third natural modified cycle achieved two good quality eggs from my three remaining follicles, both fertilised and were put "back where they belong" with me. I'll never forget those words the doctor said during the embryo transfer. After 14 years of a strong desire to have a baby, with no partner in sight, it felt completely natural to have two tiny embryos inside me. How important it is for the woman and child that women with critically low ovarian reserve are given a chance to use their own eggs by Create, especially when there is already a need for a sperm donor. All the staff at Create Health strike the tricky balance of being professional, yet approachable and relaxed and also what we patients have to learn - the balance between being realistic but positive. We have also had some laughs along the way. I will never forget the tiny being that didn't grow, but for the sake of my daughter, I will be visiting Create again soon to try for a sibling for her. I'm not phased by doing IVF Create's way, the more natural way again - knowing many friends who haven't shared such positive experiences with their clinic, there's no greater recommendation than that!'

Patient Stories

  • I was told I couldn't conceive...but am now a mother thanks to CREATE

  • Successful IVF after failure elsewhere

  • “Our treatment was very smooth and it was all very well explained; we were never unsure of the next step.”
    Asha and Laura explain their treatment journey with CREATE.

  • Successful Natural IVF/IVM

  • Single woman IVF with own eggs and donor sperm

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