Egg freezing information evening

Free egg freezing information evening at our St Pauls, London fertility clinic 

October will see the return of our Fertility Care evening event at our St Paul's clinic. The event is tailored for women interested in learning more about fertility and the CREATE approach to egg freezing using mild stimulation.

Your age is the most important factor when determining your fertility. For the best chance of success, it is recommended you freeze your eggs before the age of 36.

Event details 

Listen to Professor Geeta Nargund as she shares facts about female fertility and debunks some of the myths around egg freezing:

  • Speak to our staff in a relaxed environment
  • Arrange an initial consultation
  • Take away a package of useful information
  • Enjoy organic, natural refreshments

We also offer you the opportunity to have a personal one-on-one chat with one of our St Pauls clinical team which is extremely useful in helping you make an informed decision about any fertility treatment.

Egg freezing information evening schedule:

6:00pm We advise you to arrive promptly as you will receive a numbered ticket on arrival for you mini-consultation. Organic refreshments will be available while you wait.

6:15pm Professor Geeta Nargund will present in-depth information and facts about egg freezing. A Q&A session will follow the presentation if you would like to find our more information from Professor Nargund.  

7:15pm Mini-consultations with Professor Nargund will take place.

9pm Egg Freezing Information Evening ends after mini-consultations have taken place. 

We will confirm a date for the event closer to the time but this is likely to be in October. 

Tickets are free but numbers are limited to enable us to give you the best possible attention.

Please fill in the form below to register your interest in the event and we will contact you to confirm dates. 

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Severe endometriosis

Abigail was a 36 year old with severe endometriosis and she was not able to undergo ovarian stimulation because she suffered from extreme pelvic pain with ovulation and ovarian stimulation could make her endometriosis worse. Her husband’s sperm was normal. She had damaged tubes and needed IVF to help her get pregnant. However, she was not offered IVF without drugs and was told that she should consider having donor eggs. She found out about CREATE Fertility and came to London for Natural IVF. She conceived after her second cycle of Natural IVF using her own egg without any ovarian stimulation. She has a 5 year old daughter following her successful Natural IVF!

“Our treatment was very smooth and it was all very well explained; we were never unsure of the next step.”

We had been together nearly four years when we decided to have fertility treatment. We had just bought our first house together and it felt like the right time to start a family. We heard about CREATE from a friend and decided to attend an open day.

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Thank you for designing an excellent protocol for us

My husband and I went for our initial consultation towards the end of last year. We had a history of two ICSIs without fresh transfer, and 3 frozen transfers, only one of which led to a clinical pregnancy followed by a miscarriage at 9 weeks.

We started our first Mild IVF cycle at St. Paul’s in the beginning of February and we have just had a fresh embryo transfer, so we do not yet know the outcome of this cycle. However, we wanted to pause and say thank you at this stage for designing an excellent protocol for us, and to express our appreciation of the whole clinical and nursing team. Our experience with all of the clinical staff has been excellent.

IVF is a horrible process but your team and the protocol you designed really worked for me. I had 10 mature eggs after 9 days of mild stimulation with 5 good embryos by day 5. I think you can see this as a real success for your mild strategy, and your focus on quality not quantity. My previous best cycle had about 18 mature eggs but that only led to about the same number of day 5 embryos, and that involved a freeze-all protocol to deal with the OHSS risk and nearly 8 months from start to finish for a single transfer.

Now we have all our fingers and toes crossed for a positive pregnancy test.

Single woman IVF with own eggs and donor sperm

This testimonial is long overdue. A healthy bundle of joy keeps you very busy! I cannot thank Prof Nargund enough for giving me the chance of having a baby with my own eggs.

With an AMH of 0.44, no other clinic would have considered this. What horrid thoughts of my baby girl not being here and how empty life was before her. However, with the friendly approach and clinical skills of the doctors, nurses and embryologists, the third natural modified cycle achieved two good quality eggs from my three remaining follicles, both fertilised and were put "back where they belong" with me. I'll never forget those words the doctor said during the embryo transfer. After 14 years of a strong desire to have a baby, with no partner in sight, it felt completely natural to have two tiny embryos inside me. How important it is for the woman and child that women with critically low ovarian reserve are given a chance to use their own eggs by Create, especially when there is already a need for a sperm donor. All the staff at Create Health strike the tricky balance of being professional, yet approachable and relaxed and also what we patients have to learn - the balance between being realistic but positive. We have also had some laughs along the way. I will never forget the tiny being that didn't grow, but for the sake of my daughter, I will be visiting Create again soon to try for a sibling for her. I'm not phased by doing IVF Create's way, the more natural way again - knowing many friends who haven't shared such positive experiences with their clinic, there's no greater recommendation than that!'

CREATE will always hold a place in our hearts

We can't thank you enough for your help in creating our family. Throughout the treatment process all the staff were incredibly encouraging- we always felt at ease and positive about the experience. We were blessed to have success first time round with the Mild IVF and ICSI and went on to have our beautiful twin boys. We would recommend the CREATE clinic to anyone considering or attempting fertility treatment. Having been to a few other open days we are so glad we decided to take the leap with you guys. A place that will now always hold a place in our hearts. 

Patient Stories

  • Severe endometriosis

  • “Our treatment was very smooth and it was all very well explained; we were never unsure of the next step.”
    Asha and Laura explain their treatment journey with CREATE.

  • Thank you for designing an excellent protocol for us
    Couple thank St Pauls clinical and nursing team

  • Single woman IVF with own eggs and donor sperm

  • CREATE will always hold a place in our hearts

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