Frequently asked questions about CREATE and fertility 

Many patients understandably have a lot of questions before attending a clinic appointment. We have collated some of the most frequent of these so that you can find out as much as you wish to before coming in to the clinic:

IVF- If you wish to find out more about IVF in general and the types of IVF we offer, find out more here.

IVF WITH DONOR SPERM- Many patients who come to the clinic for treatment require donor sperm. To find out more about treatment with donor sperm and our donors, click here. 

IVF WITH DONOR EGGS- If you require donor egg treatment, we answer your questions here. 

DIAGNOSIS- FAQs about the types of Diagnosis we offer at CREATE and what they entail.

IUI- We answer your frequently asked questions about Inter-Uterine Insemination.

ICSI- Click here to find out more about Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection.

EGG & SPERM FREEZING- We explain Fertility Preservation and its benefits. 

FAQs ABOUT CREATE- Want to find out more about our clinics and staff? Click here.

20 QUESTIONS TO ASK ANY IVF CLINIC- Which 20 questions should you always ask when attending a fertility clinic for the first time? One of our doctors gives their opinion. 

INFERTILITY IN MEN- We give more information on male fertility problems and how they can be solved.


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Patient Stories

  • “I was looked at as a whole person and the suggested treatment tailored to me and my body.”
    Beth, single woman with PCOS, talks about IVF treatment with CREATE

  • Previous severe OHSS with conventional IVF and she nearly died – Now pregnant after drug-free Natural IVF/IVM

  • A big thank you
    We will try for our second baby naturally but if it doesn't work we will definitely do the Natural IVF at Create Health again.

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