IVF treatment with donor eggs and donor sperm

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Based on your selections, we are showing you information on IVF treatment with donor eggs and donor sperm. 

Please note, the selection/information on this page is not an assessment of your condition or a recommendation of treatment.

I want to have a baby

IVF treatment is the most successful method of Assisted Reproduction and usually provides the highest chance of conceiving, unless there are contraindications. At your first appointment, the consultant will assess which treatment option offers you the best chance of success.

I am single

Many single women come to the clinic wishing to have a child. If you feel the time and environment is right for you, we can help you achieve your ambition of becoming a parent. We perform comprehensive fertility assessment for you before treatment begins, which gives you a chance to assess your situation and what you want to do next.

I require donor eggs

We have our own donor egg bank and can match you with donors if required. For Caucasian donors, we do not have a waiting list. For ethnic minorities, we tend to have a longer waiting time. To help increase our selection of donors, with a partnership with IVI, which has a large selection of donors with different characteristics. This is available for UK patients only.

I require donor sperm

We have our own sperm bank at CREATE and we can also liaise with external sperm banks if you require an increased selection of donors. A different option is to use a ‘known’ donor, i.e. someone who is known to you. We can help with this process if this is what you want to do.