Couples Fertility Test

This unique service allows couples to visit one of our world class clinics for a range of fertility tests, enabling us to give you a comprehensive diagnosis.

The test costs £450, and includes:

  • A detailed ultrasound scan for the female partner
  • A semen analysis for the male partner
  • Check height, weight and BMI
  • Blood pressure test
  • Talk through your medical history to explore any known problems that could be relevant
  • 60 minute joint consultation to discuss the results with a clinician

Fertility Ultrasound Scan

A fertility ultrasound scan takes around 20 minutes and can be performed on any day of the cycle. This fertility test looks at the number of follicles within the ovaries, the quality of the womb lining and checking blood flow to the follicles and uterus.

The male fertility test procedure involves a sperm motility test, as well as assessing the density and morphology. Abstinence must be observed for 2-5 days prior to the appointment.

After both partners have had their fertility appointment, they come together with the clinician for a joint consultation to discuss the results, give advice and answer questions.

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Who is suitable for a Couples Fertility Test?

Our fertility test for men and women is designed for those who just want to have a fertility test and get some advice on optimising their lifestyle for fertility.

If you have already had fertility treatment or are seeking fertility treatment, it is more appropriate to book an Initial Consultation and Scan. This is because the purpose of an Initial Consultation and Scan is to develop a treatment protocol for you. This is not included in the Fertility MOT.

Ready for a fertility check?

If you would like to have a fertility assessment to better understand your fertility health then you can book an appoinment straight away.

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