Male Fertility MOT - £125

The Male Fertility MOT includes a detailed, expert semen analysis performed by scientists, with an immediate report provided. The analysis examines the density, morphology and mobility of sperm. If there are any concerns about fertility arising from this report, advice will be given. Otherwise, if you require a detailed explanation of your results, including lifestyle advice and treatment options please make an additional consultation appointment.

*You will have to abstain for 2-5 days before your semen analysis, before coming into the clinic to provide a sample.

Who is suitable for the Male Fertility MOT?

  • The Male Fertility MOT is designed for men that just want to check their fertility and at most get some advice on optimising their lifestyle for fertility.
  • If you have already had fertility treatment or are seeking fertility treatment, it is more appropriate to book an Initial Consultation and Scan. This is because the purpose of an Initial Consultation and Scan is to develop a treatment protocol for you. This is not included in the Fertility MOT.

To book your Male Fertility Test, please call us on 0333 2407 300