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Here at CREATE, we are dedicated to providing people with as much information as possible about their fertility and their fertility options. For this reason we provide Open Days and seminars to educate people about fertility. This section of our website has also been put together to serve that function. So if you wish to know more about a particular cause of infertility, about IVF and other fertility treatments, or about the typical patient journey for somebody attending our clinic, please read below. We also offer an online fertility pre-assessment in order to help you explore which options are open to you. 


There are many different issues that can affect your ability to conceive. Understanding what is the problem is the first step in finding a solution. Some common fertility problems are:

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IVF patient journey - What to expect at our fertility clinics

The patient journey at CREATE starts with a consultation, then moves on to monitoring scans and ends with embryo transfer. The whole process takes no longer than 2 weeks. 

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