Sperm freezing

We perform Sperm Freezing, which is done through fast freezing or vitrification. This procedure is used for a variety of reasons; some common reasons are to preserve fertility before cancer treatment, or to enable IVF to occur if the male partner is away/overseas during treatment. Sperm freezing is also performed if the male partner has trouble producing a sample in the clinic before fertilisation. Sperm freezing is a relatively simple process. You will need to have some screening blood tests performed before coming in to the clinic, in accordance with British law. These can be done by your GP. You will then need to abstain for 2-5 days before coming in to the clinic to produce a sample. The sample will be frozen by our embryologists using vitrification technology, an advanced fast-freezing which allows for almost indefinite storage. Once frozen, the sperm can be thawed at your disposal, with very high survival rates from thawing.

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Dr Martin Wilding
Laboratory Manager St Paul's

Dr Martin Wilding

Martin Wilding has a degree in Biochemistry from Imperial College London and a Ph.D. in the physiology of fertilisation from University College London. He has practised IVF and ICSI from 1999 a....