Discover our safer and less stressful fertility treatment services

At CREATE Fertility we pride ourselves on our unique approach to diagnosis and fertility treatments. We place an emphasis on high quality scanning techniques, in order that diagnosis is as accurate and insightful as possible. This enables us to make sure that any treatment we give is tailored to your needs, and that we do not give any unnecessary treatment.

Fertility treatment

Our approach to treatment goes against the grain of most conventional, high stimulation IVF. We believe in giving minimal amounts of drugs in order to reduce side effects while still achieving comparable success rates. The Medical Directors of CREATE are pioneers of the Natural and Mild IVF treatments that we offer, and believe that our revolutionary approach is the best way to ensure the short- and long-term health of mothers and babies.

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Fertility diagnosis

CREATE Fertility developed the One-Stop Fertility MOT, which gives women a full evaluation of their fertility status in just one hour. Our highly qualified doctors will use an advanced scanner and take your medical history to assess you. You will then receive detailed information and advice about your fertility in a tailored consultation. Male partners can also obtain a fertility check in just half an hour, and a couple’s MOT produces joint results and a consultation in 90 minutes.

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Fertility preservation

Through our liaison with Professor RC Chian, pioneer of vitrification, we are able to offer the most advanced egg and sperm freezing. We bring our ethos of gentler, more woman-friendly treatment to egg freezing, to ensure that our egg freezing treatment is as short and stress-free as possible and does not compromise your health.

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