Give the Gift of Life

Choosing to become an egg donor is a very noble and worthwhile thing to do; as an altruistic donor, you will be helping another woman to start a family. Many women struggle to conceive and for some the only chance of success can be to try to get pregnant using donor eggs, however, in the UK we have a significant shortage of donors. 

Benefits of donating your eggs with CREATE Fertility include:

  Help fulfill another woman's dream to become a mother

✔ Our gentle approach to treatment is kinder to your body, very safe and only takes 2 weeks

Please note legal considerations will be discussed with you before you start the egg donation process. 

Egg donation process 

1. Initial consultation with a doctor - at this appointment the doctor will confirm whether you are suitable for egg donation and talk you through the process.

2. Treatment consultation with a nurse - at the appointment the nurse will show you how to use the medication and answer any further questions you have. 

3. Scans & monitoring - on the first day of your cycle (first day of period) call us and we will book you in for monitoring scans. 

4. Egg collection - on the day of egg collection you will need to fast for a few hours before the procedure which will be carried out under sedation. You will also receive your compensation of £750 on the day of egg collection.

5. Your eggs make the difference to a person or a couple. 

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