Share your eggs and help another woman

CREATE Fertility runs an egg sharing programme which aims to help both women who are unable to use their own eggs for treatment and women who cannot afford to fund their treatment. This programme allows you to help other women who are unable to produce their own eggs whilst also proceeding with your own free treatment cycle.

What is egg sharing?

Egg sharing enables women who are willing to share their eggs to have fertility treatment for no cost. The treatment cycle is carried out exactly as it would be otherwise, but after the egg collection half of the eggs collected are given to an egg recipient who pays the cost of treatment. If there is an odd number of eggs collected then you will be able to decide whether you or the recipient receives the remaining egg.

This programme is offered for women under 36 years-old with a normal egg reserve who are willing to share their eggs.

What are the advantages of egg sharing?

Low cost: The bulk of the treatment cost is paid for by the egg recipient, meaning that this is the cheapest form of IVF treatment available.

Helping another woman/couple: Most of our patients understand the pain of infertility, and for many of them the fact that they are able to assist others to become parents is very rewarding.

Safe: We adhere to mild, safer stimulation protocols for all of our patients, meaning that the risk of side effects is reduced.

Who is suitable for this treatment?

To be considered for egg sharing you must be under the age of 36, with a good egg reserve and no history of heritable disease in the family. Your suitability will be assessed at initial consultation with one of our doctors.

Egg sharing may be appropriate for you if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • Male infertility
  • Gynaecological problems such as blocked fallopian tubes
  • Same sex couples or single women

What is the process of egg sharing?

The process of egg sharing is much the same as that for standard Mild IVF treatment. The first step is to come in for an initial scan and consultation. At this appointment the doctor will assess your situation and devise a personalised treatment plan. After this, you will come in 2 weeks before the start of your period to meet with a nurse. They will talk you through your treatment, give you your medication and teach you how to take it and go through the consent forms with you. You will then call up on the first day of your period (day 1) to book in your first scan. This will probably be on day 5 or 6, but could be earlier or later depending on the advice of the doctor. After the first scan, there will be around 2 or 3 more scans, usually performed every other day. The egg collection is usually performed on around day 12; this is carried out under sedation. Half of the eggs will be given to the egg recipient or frozen for their later use. The eggs that have been allocated to you will be fertilised and your embryo transfer will take place a few days later.

Why CREATE Fertility?

  • We have been promoting and fine-tuning Mild IVF in clinical practice for over a decade and have the wealth of experience and advanced scanning expertise to make it work for you.
  • Our Medical Director, Professor Geeta Nargund, has advanced the practice of Mild IVF with new breakthroughs and fine-tuning treatment protocols.
  • Our theatre is open seven days a week so that we can work with your cycle.
  • We have not had a case of severe OHSS since our founding and are experts at delivering safe care.



Dr Melina Stasinou
Consultant in Reproductive Medicine

Dr Melina Stasinou

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