Male one-stop fertility MOT - fertility testing for men

CREATE Fertility offers male patients a fertility MOT with our pioneering experts at our St Paul’s, Wimbledon and Birmingham clinics. The results are usually available on the same day.

Our detailed semen analysis looks at the density, morphology and mobility of your sperm, and is carried out by our team of highly qualified embryologists. If you require a detailed explanation of your results, including lifestyle advice and treatment options please make an additional consultation appointment (at an extra cost). We also offer women’s one-Stop fertility MOTs and couple’s one-stop fertility MOTs.

What does the men’s one-stop fertility MOT involve?

  • A detailed, expert semen analysis is done by scientists and an immediate report is provided
  • Advice is available by fertility experts if the report shows any concern about fertility (please note an additional appointment is required, which will be chargeable) 
  • 2-5 days abstinence from sexual activity is necessary prior to sperm test

What are the costs for a man’s one-stop fertility MOT?

The cost of the semen analysis is £125. This includes a copy of your report.

Why CREATE Fertility?

Medical Directors Professors Campbell and Nargund have pioneered the one-stop fertility testing for both men and women. We are committed to providing quick, easy and affordable access to diagnostic techniques. We have therefore designed our MOTs to be as convenient as possible, as we believe that fertility diagnosis and education are key to allow people to make informed choices about starting a family.

Dr Martin Wilding
Laboratory Manager St Paul's

Dr Martin Wilding

Martin Wilding has a degree in Biochemistry from Imperial College London and a Ph.D. in the physiology of fertilisation from University College London. He has practised IVF and ICSI from 1999 a....