Fertility preservation - freezing eggs and sperm for future use

Some people who come to the clinic are not ready for a baby but wish to preserve their fertility for the future. This can be for a number of reasons, such as a cancer or other diagnosis, or because of social factors such as not having found the right partner. Whatever your reason for wanting to preserve your fertility we will endeavour to assist you.

Egg freezing: Egg freezing is becoming more and more popular as a way to increase reproductive choice for women. In recent years, the technology has advanced and it is now a successful method of fertility preservation. The major benefits of CREATE’s approach to egg freezing are that it is more natural and gentle, fitting better with your body and life, without compromising success rates. At CREATE, eggs are frozen using Vitrification technology, the most effective way of freezing eggs.

Sperm freezing: Sperm freezing is an easy process and involves visiting the clinic to provide a sample which will then be frozen using the latest technology and stored in the laboratory.

Egg freezing with In-vitro Maturation (IVM): In-vitro maturation, or IVM, is a technique where immature eggs are collected and matured in the lab. For patients who fit the correct medical criteria, this can be a good option, particularly for patients for whom time is pressing or those that are unable to take fertility drugs. 

Professor Ri-Cheng Chian
Scientific Director

Professor Ri-Cheng Chian

Dr. Chian is the pioneer of In Vitro Maturation (IVM) of human oocytes for clinical application and is responsible for vitrification of human oocytes resulting in pregnancies and live b....