Discover our pioneering approach to Fertility and IVF Treatment

We have pioneered a new approach to fertility treatments, with a focus on a more natural, physiological approach. Your consultant will assess your individual circumstances and design a fertility treatment plan which is tailored to you. Every woman and couple have a different situation and it is necessary to undertake a detailed medical history, utilise or perform diagnostic tests and take into account your preferences before designing the right fertility treatment for you.

It is important to remember that fertility treatment at CREATE is different from the conventional, high stimulation IVF approach. We perform only Natural and Mild IVF, having a depth of experience and expertise in these treatments which is unrivaled in the UK, meaning that we are considered the leading fertility clinic for these treatments.

Here we outline some of our categories of fertility treatment. 

Our IVF services:

Natural Cycle IVF

Natural Cycle IVF treatment is carried out without the use of fertility drugs. We are the first IVF clinic to offer safe and successful Natural and Modified Natural IVF as a first option. Read more about our Natural Cycle IVF services.

Modified Natural IVF

Modified Natural Cycle IVF is a form of Natural Cycle IVF. Medication is given for just 3-4 days in order to block spontaneous ovulation.  Read more about our Modified Natural IVF services.

Mild Stimulation IVF

Mild Stimulation IVF treatment is carried out using minimal doses of fertility drugs over a shorter period than with conventional Stimulated IVF.  Read more about our Mild Stimulation IVF services.

Natural Cycle IVF with IVM

In Vitro Maturation (IVM) is a new and exciting development in infertility treatment, which recent scientific publications have shown could be an alternative approach to conventional IVF. Read more about our Natural Cycle IVF with IVM services.

Our Fertility Experts and Consultants

Our team of Consultants, Nurses and Scientists are at the heart of our fertility service. Our excellent track record attracts patients from around the world to have Natural and Mild IVF treatment with us. Come to one of our free Open Days or book a consultation at one of our fertility clinics to meet our staff and to find out more about how we combine patient comfort, a commitment to protecting the health and safety of mother and child, world-class international expertise, and cutting edge techniques to offer IVF and fertility services that are second to none.