Low cost IVF project

We are working with the Walking Egg Foundation to provide a cheaper form of IVF.

Suitable for younger women (under 37) with less complicated fertility issues, this system called the Simplified Culture System (SCS) works as well as conventional IVF systems*.

Who is eligible for the new low cost treatment?

Women who are eligible have had no previous IVF treatment, are under the age of 37 years old and have normal ovarian reserve. Men should have a normal semen analysis. 

Note: it is not suitable if there is a fertilisation problem requiring ICSI, such as male infertility.

Low cost IVF is also suitable for single women and lesbian couples wanting to start their family.

Due to the nature of low cost treatment, if initial results suggest that you are unable to continue with the form of treatment, we may be able to recommend a more tailored treatment option at our normal costs.

We reserve the right to change or modify the criteria for inclusion as we deem appropriate. Please enquire for full terms and conditions.

Please complete the form below to apply.

How can the cost of IVF be reduced?

Many of the costs involved in IVF relate to the laboratory, which is highly expensive to run. The Walking Egg Project uses the Simplified Culture System (SCS), which is a completely enclosed culture system in a smaller environment. This technology allows IVF to be carried out without the need for a full laboratory, thus massively reducing the cost.

Prices for the low cost treatment will be sent alongside consent forms once eligibility has been determined. 

Have any studies been carried out on the SCS?

A study has recently been carried out in Belgium which showed that both fertilisation and pregnancy rates were the same using the SCS as they were in traditional IVF.

50 babies have, so far, been born using the SCS, and more women are currently pregnant as a result of this treatment. You can view the study in the Reproductive BioMedicine Online journal.

About the Walking Egg Foundation

The Walking Egg Foundation is a charity which has been working with a group of scientists with the aim of reducing the cost of IVF while maintaining the quality. This would mean that access to IVF would increase both in the UK and in the developing world.

In the UK, the cost of IVF is high and public funding often comes down to a postcode lottery, however, by reducing the costs the Foundation hope to change this so every woman has the chance to receive treatment. 

The low cost treatment option

At CREATE Fertility we are fertility pioneers, offering our patients proven new technologies, and we believe that the new low cost treatment is an exciting innovation that will make fertility treatment more affordable and accessible.

The state of the art laboratories in our current clinics provide excellent personalised treatment for our patients, but for those with less complicated fertility problems, this new type of treatment will offer a chance for people to have IVF treatment at a much lower cost.

If you are interested in having treatment, please feel free to contact us to register your interest.  Low cost treatments will initially take place at our St Pauls clinic in central London.

How can I express my interest in having low cost treatment?

Please complete the contact form below and one of our nursing team will be in contact. 

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*Based on research conducted recently http://download.journals.elsevierhealth.com/pdfs/journals/1472-6483/PIIS1472648313006287.pdf