Mild Stimulation IVF | also known as Mild IVF, Mini IVF, IVF Lite and Soft IVF

Mild Stimulation IVF is one of the treatments CREATE Fertility has pioneered in the UK. Mild IVF involves the usage of lower dosages of drugs than conventional fertility treatment, in order to achieve a mild response to treatment. This results a treatment which is more natural, friendly to your body, safer and less costly. Most importantly, the success rates with Mild IVF at CREATE are excellent and we can give you a great chance of taking a baby home with Mild IVF.

We believe that the excellent results can be achieved by focusing on a physiological approach. Aiming to increase stimulation and collect lots of eggs is not always a healthy approach. As the human ovary is not designed to produce a lot of eggs in one cycle, many of those extra eggs collected in conventional IVF treatment are abnormal. So often even if there are a lot of eggs collected in conventional IVF, lots of them aren’t viable meaning that not only did the additional medication fail to improve the result, it also could have damaged egg quality.

Mild IVF is a form of IVF which is carried out within the natural menstrual cycle and which uses minimal doses of fertility drugs in order to achieve a mild response to stimulation. For this reason, Mild Stimulation IVF is sometimes referred to as 'Mini IVF'. Compared to the 4-5 weeks of medication used in conventional IVF, stimulating medication is given for just 5-9 days.

The approach of Mild IVF is based on a focus on quality of eggs and embryos, not quantity. In conventional IVF treatments, the focus is on collecting lots of eggs, but often many of these eggs are chromosomally abnormal. In Mild IVF, by using more gentle stimulation and working with your body, rather than against it, we look to collect a smaller number of eggs, but of a higher quality. This approach results in a number of advantages and CREATE’s success rates with Mild IVF are excellent.

What are the advantages of Mild Stimulation IVF?

Success: Mild Stimulation IVF has excellent success rates and avoids many of the side effects, complications and costs of traditional IVF treatment. Please see our success rates page for more details.

Higher quality embryos: Studies have shown that egg and embryo quality are better in Mild IVF compared with Conventional IVF.

Better implantation: The lining of the womb is more favourable for implantation in Mild IVF. The high stimulating drugs and oestrogen levels in conventional IVF can adversely impact the chance of implantation and affect the future health of the baby.

A more natural and patient-friendly approach with less stress: Unlike in conventional IVF treatment at other clinics, we do not shut down your menstrual cycle. The treatment is carried out in your own natural menstrual cycle and the associated physical and emotional stress in considerably reduced compared with conventional treatment. Women undergoing conventional, high stimulation IVF also report weight gain, whereas women undergoing milder approaches do not experience weight gain.

Shorter treatment time: Mild IVF treatment is significantly shorter than conventional treatment, taking only 2 weeks. Combined with the reduction in side effects from having fewer drugs,  treatment becomes much less stressful. For some patients, treatment can also be repeated in consecutive cycles if required.

Safer treatment: Mild Stimulation IVF is safer than conventional IVF. The fact that it uses fewer drugs means that the risks and side effects associated with Stimulated IVF, including the risk of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) are reduced. CREATE has therefore never had a case of severe OHSS.

More affordable: Because we use fewer drugs, the cost is reduced compared with conventional IVF; a recent independent study found we had the lowest cost per baby in London.

3 Cycle packages: We offer 3 cycle packages that greatly reduce the cost and increase your chances of taking home a baby.

Excess embryos can be frozen for future use: Any embryos of suitable quality that are not used in treatment can be frozen and stored for future use.

Who is suitable for this treatment?

Every woman who has normal/high egg reserve is suitable for this treatment. Other situations include those with no female infertility and only male factor infertility, or those with Polycystic Ovaries (PCO)/Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

Those that want to take a minimal amount of medications will also benefit, as do those that want to avoid the risk of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome. Many women choose Mild IVF because they want treatment that is fitted around them and which has reduced impact on their lives.

What is the first step to start Mild IVF at CREATE?

The first step is to come in for an initial scan and consultation. At this appointment the doctor will assess your situation and devise a personalised treatment plan. The patient journey for Mild IVF is considerably shorter and less stressful than conventional IVF. 

Why CREATE Fertility?

  • We are the UK leaders for Mild IVF treatment. We made a commitment to this approach from our founding and a very proud that we have achieved excellent success rates. We have fine-tuned Mild IVF to achieve the best chance for every patient.
  • Our Medical Director, Professor Geeta Nargund, who has trained all of our Doctors, is a pioneer of Mild IVF
  • Our theatre is open seven days a week so that we can work with your cycle.
  • We are very proud that we have not had a case of severe OHSS since our founding and are experts at delivering safe care.

 For more information, see our FAQs about Natural and Mild IVF

Professor Geeta Nargund
Medical Director

Professor Geeta Nargund

Professor Geeta Nargund is the award-winning Medical Director of CREATE Fertility. She is also a....