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CREATE Fertility is the first group of IVF clinics to offer successful and safe Natural Cycle IVF as an option for patients with low ovarian reserve. We are the largest provider of Natural Cycle IVF in the UK and have pioneered and advanced the practice of Natural IVF to make it more successful. Our Medical Director, Professor Geeta Nargund, is one of the world's foremost experts on Natural Cycle IVF.

What is Natural Cycle IVF?

Natural Cycle IVF (also known as 'Natural IVF'), is IVF which is carried out within a woman's natural menstrual cycle without the use of fertility drugs. Natural IVF aims to collect just the one egg that has been naturally selected and matured by the body. This type of treatment is more affordable and safer than other forms of IVF. By utilising natural selection it is hoped that a high quality egg will be collected and therefore a high quality embryo created.

CREATE Fertility pioneered and advanced the practice of Natural IVF and we are the largest provider of Natural Cycle IVF in the UK. Our Medical Director, Professor Geeta Nargund, is one of the world's foremost experts on Natural Cycle IVF.

What are the advantages of Natural IVF?

Growing success rates: We have pioneered a new approach with Natural Cycle IVF, where we combine a better understanding of ovarian physiology, our advances in ultrasound techniques and our medical and scientific expertise to deliver the optimum treatment.

Giving a chance to everyone: Many women are told that they cannot have a child with their own eggs because their AMH is too low, their FSH is too high, they have low ovarian reserve or that they are poor responders to fertility drugs. At CREATE, we are have an excellent track record in treating women in these circumstances with Natural IVF. We are able to tailor treatment with no or low amounts of stimulation drugs, thereby giving you the best chance to have a baby with your own eggs. We have successfully treated hundreds of women with critically low ovarian reserve/low AMH/high FSH. We have also had some of the oldest IVF mothers in the world who have had babies with their own eggs. We do not have any selection criteria and will allow any woman to try IVF using their own eggs if they want to and are still ovulating (up to the age of 50).

Higher quality egg and better implantation:  The egg which is naturally selected by the body can be of higher quality than those produced in a stimulated IVF cycle. In addition, high stimulation drugs can adversely impact the environment of the womb and the lining of the womb. By avoiding stimulating drugs, the womb is more receptive to pregnancy. There is also evidence that babies born with Natural Cycle IVF are more likely to be born at full term and with a healthier birth weight.

A more natural and patient-friendly way of performing IVF: The Natural IVF cycle involves the collection of a naturally produced egg without medication, with the fertilised embryo being placed back into a drug-free womb. Natural IVF is therefore the closest that IVF treatment can get to natural fertilisation. Natural IVF Treatment is carried out in your natural menstrual cycle, unlike conventional IVF where your ovaries are first suppressed. The potential side effects and complications are therefore reduced in Natural IVF.

A safer option: The health and wellbeing of mother and child is our first priority. There is no risk of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) with Natural Cycle IVF. In addition, this in vitro fertilisation treatment offers a less invasive approach and the use of no/fewer drugs leads to fewer potential risks and side effects.

More affordable: Natural IVF is less expensive per cycle than Stimulated IVF treatments as it does not require costly medication.

Can be repeated in consecutive cycles: Patients who choose this option can repeat their treatment in consecutive cycles – whereas, due to the effect of ovarian stimulation drugs on the body, Stimulated IVF patients need to take a two to three month break between cycles.

Who is suitable for Natural Cycle IVF?

All women who ovulate can have Natural Cycle IVF. It is particularly suitable for older women, those with low ovarian reserve or those that are poor responders to fertility drugs. It gives the opportunity for some women to have a child with their own eggs, rather than donor eggs.

It is also chosen by those that want to avoid fertility drugs and associated risks and side-effects. 

What is the procedure for Natural Cycle IVF?

The first step is to come in for an initial scan and consultation. At this appointment the doctor will assess your situation and devise a personalised treatment plan. After this, you will come in 2 weeks before the start of your period to meet with a nurse. They will talk you through your treatment and go through the consent forms with you. You will then call up on the first day of your period (day 1) to book in your first scan. This will probably be on day 5, but could be earlier or later depending on the advice of the doctor. After the first scan, there will be around 2 or 3 more scans, usually performed every other day. The egg collection is generally performed on around day 12; this is carried out under sedation, and is followed by the embryo transfer a few days later.

Why CREATE Fertility for Natural Cycle IVF?

  • Natural Cycle IVF is a delicate and precise treatment and to give it the best chance of success, the clinic must be 100% dedicated to this type of approach. We have been promoting and fine-tuning Natural Cycle IVF in clinical practice for over 15 years and have the wealth of experience and expertise to make it work for you. 
  • Our Medical Director, Professor Geeta Nargund, has advanced the practice of Natural IVF with new breakthroughs and developing treatment protocols. The experience of our Consultants and Embryologists in Natural Cycle IVF is unrivaled.
  • We have helped many women with low egg reserve have a baby with their own eggs with Natural IVF. Many of these women were told that they could only have a baby with egg donation.
  • Our theatre is open seven days a week so that we can work within your cycle.
  • We have not had a case of severe OHSS since our founding and are experts at delivering safe care.

The history of Natural Cycle IVF

Natural IVF is actually the original version of IVF, which was used in the very first cycles ever performed. In fact, Louise Brown, the first baby born from IVF in 1978 was born from a Natural IVF cycle. In the years following Louise Brown’s birth, scientists started to increase the doses of drugs used in IVF cycles in order to collect the maximum number of eggs possible. However, in recent years there has been a move back towards Natural cycles, spearheaded by our founder and Medical Director Professor Geeta Nargund, who has pioneered advances that increase the success of Natural IVF. 

What is Modified Natural IVF/Natural Modified IVF?

Modified Natural IVF is a form of Natural cycle fertility treatment where medication is given generally for two to four days to block ovulation in combination with FSH or HMG (fertility drugs) as add-back therapy. The injection of hCG is given as a trigger prior to egg collection, and Progesterone supplements are given to support implantation. In this method, more than one egg is sometimes collected. Using Modified Natural IVF tends to increase the chances of success of Natural IVF. For more information, please read our Modified Natural IVF page.

For more information, see our FAQs about Natural and Mild IVF



Professor Geeta Nargund
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Professor Geeta Nargund

Professor Geeta Nargund is the award-winning Medical Director of CREATE Fertility. She is also a....