24 Oct 2016
Upcoming ISMAAR and ISIV Symposium

Professor Geeta Nargund, Medical Director at CREATE and President of ISMAAR, will be speaking at the ‘Developing optimal stimulation strategies for fresh IVF/ET cycles, oocyte donation and oocyte freezing cycles’ symposium.

21 Sep 2016
“We were told that IVF wasn’t going to work for us … I now have an amazing little girl.”

After trying for for a baby for 6 years, Sam and Russell were referred to CREATE and now they have an amazing little girl.

21 Sep 2016
"CREATE have enabled me to achieve success despite the probability being so low due to my ovarian reserve."

6 years later with one or two failed IVF cycles per year and coming close to giving up on conceiving, Suki discovered CREATE and now she is pregnant.

15 Sep 2016
'Motherless babies? That's the stuff of science fiction and it should stay there' comments Geeta Nargund, Medical Director at CREATE

Motherless babies? That's the stuff of science fiction - and it should stay there.

13 Sep 2016
IUI opens up a new chapter for lesbian couple by helping them start their family.

Keisha and Sabrina explain how IUI opened a new chapter for them.

13 Sep 2016
“I was looked at as a whole person and the suggested treatment tailored to me and my body.”

Beth, a single woman with PCOS, talks about her tailored mild IVF treatment.

12 Sep 2016
“Our treatment was very smooth and it was all very well explained; we were never unsure of the next step.”

Asha and Laura explain their treatment journey with CREATE.

12 Aug 2016
Having a baby with your same-sex partner

For same-sex couples wishing to become parents, there are more options available than ever before. Advances in technology along with knowledge of fertility treatment becoming more widespread means that it is becoming increasingly common for same-sex female couples to turn to IVF clinics to help them start a family.

25 Jul 2016
New study supports the use of natural IVF for healthy babies

A new study has added to a growing body of evidence that natural IVF results in healthier babies with higher average birth rates than babies born through conventional IVF treatment.