10 Jan 2017
If considering IVF, should you try on the NHS or go for private IVF treatment?

There are a lot of factors to consider when comparing IVF treatment with the NHS with private IVF treatment, here we run through the options.

09 Dec 2016
Male Infertility

Male infertility can be the sole cause in around 30% of infertile couples. Here we break the silence surrounding male infertility and discuss how to better support men.

07 Dec 2016
How to choose the best fertility clinic

Your fertility clinic will have a big impact on your overall experience during fertility treatment. Here is what you should consider when choosing the best fertility clinic for you.

29 Nov 2016
Unnecessary add-ons in IVF treatment

We are pleased BBC Panorama brought to light the use of unnecessary, unproven procedures in fertility clinics. CREATE Fertility and Professor Nargund have been campaigning against the use of necessary drugs and add-ons and are calling for more regulation.

21 Nov 2016
Christmas and New Year opening hours

Our Christmas and New Year opening hours and laboratory maintenance information for 2016.

16 Nov 2016
Free information evening in Redhill

We are holding regional information evenings for potential patients. The next is in Redhill and welcomes women and couples from Surrey, Kent and Sussex seeking fertility treatment.

15 Nov 2016
'When I was 33, I was no longer in a position to have children... I decided to go ahead with freezing my eggs'

After coming out of a relationship at the age of 33, it was important for Phillipa to know that she did everything possible to have kids in the future.

14 Nov 2016
'I had thought about egg freezing for a few years, partly because I am 32 and the reality is that my biological clock is ticking.'

Lydia, a 32 year old woman, explains her decision to freeze her eggs and how she fit the procedure in with her busy lifestyle.

11 Nov 2016
Isabella shares her experience with CREATE’s Natural IVF treatment

Prof. Geeta Nargund, pioneer of Natural and Mild IVF, explains the advantages of natural approaches to IVF in comparison with conventional IVF.