Professor Geeta Nargund talks gene editing of human embryos and its implications

A recent scientific study has successfully demonstrated the ability to alter defective DNA in human embryos, with the objective of removing genetic mutations. This breakthrough development presents the opportunity to facilitate new research into the prevention of many genetic disorders.

Male sperm count plummets by alarming 50% in last 40 years

Plummeting sperm counts could result in human extinction, doctors warn. We're calling for more fertility education to help raise awareness and prevent future infertility.

NHS to stop funding IVF treatment in Bristol

The North Bristol NHS Trust has told its patients that they are planning to discontinue the provision of IVF treatment at the end of November.

What is PCOS and what does it mean if you're hoping to start a family?

Professor Geeta Nargund, CREATE Fertility's Medical Director talks about treatment options if you have PCOS and are struggling to get pregnant.

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'Missing men' and 'leftover women'

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Say 'no' to expensive and unproven add-ons in IVF

At CREATE Fertility we are against the use of necessary drugs and unproven add-ons and together with Professor Geeta Nargund we are calling for more regulation.

Men, we need to talk about sperm

We are proud to share Professor Geeta Nargund’s latest article in The Guardian about the male fertility biological clock.

Safe and successful IVF treatment for women in Chester

Chester patients can now have successful Natural and Mild IVF treatment at our new fertility clinic.