Donor Egg Recipient Open Evening


We are pleased to announce a new Open Evening at our St Paul's clinic for women interested in fertility treatment using Donor Eggs.

This open evening is intended to provide more information about our milder approach to fertility treatment with the use of donor eggs and explain the egg donation journey in detail. At CREATE Fertility we have access to high quality donors with no waiting list and a vast variety of UK and International donors, to match your characteristics without delay.

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What is egg donation?

Egg donation is a form of fertility treatment used by women who are unable to use their own eggs to have a child. In egg donation, we use eggs that have been donated anonymously by an egg donor.

Benefits of CREATE's Egg Donation Programme:

  • Fast donor & recipient matching
  • Natural and Mild protocols - our protocols are designed to minimise the use of drugs making them safer, more affordable and shorter than conventional, high stimulation IVF.
  • UK & International donors
  • Excellent success rates - we use only young, healthy women as donors, who are likely to have very high quality eggs.

This evening is suitable for:

  • Women over 43 years old
  • Women who have had premature menopause
  • Women at risk of a genetic disorder
  • Women who have ovarian function impairment (i.e cancer treatment)

What to expect from the evening:

  • Listen to Professor Geeta Nargund discuss fertility treatment using donor eggs
  • Meet and speak to our staff
  • View our facilities
  • Arrange an initial consultation
  • Take away a package of useful information

We also offer 10 women/couples the opportunity to have a personal 10-minute one-on-one chat with Professor Geeta Nargund, which is extremely useful in helping you make an informed decision on fertility treatment. These will be offered one a 'first-come first -served' basis so please ask when you arrive if you are interested.

Download CREATE egg donation programme information booklet.pdf

 If you would like more information, please visit our Egg Donation page.

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