Natural and Mild IVF treatment for Liverpool patients


Liverpool patients to receive pioneering Natural and Mild IVF treatment at our new fertility clinic.

CREATE Fertility Manchester is located in Wilmslow town centre, in the south of Manchester, and offers easy access from the M56 and Wilmslow Overground Station. This means that patients from Liverpool can access the clinic within an hour. We also have free onsite parking for patients attending the clinic by car.

We are the pioneers of Natural and Mild IVF and our approach to fertility treatment has helped many patients from across the UK and around the world. With CREATE Fertility Manchester being the only dedicated Natural and Mild IVF clinic in north of England, we hope to make our treatments more accessible for women and couples from Liverpool.

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Why choose milder approaches to IVF treatment?

  •         Excellent success rates
  •         Reduced stimulation drugs
  •         Safer treatment for mother and baby
  •         Shorter treatment duration (2 weeks)
  •         More affordable

Why choose CREATE Fertility?

  •         Excellent track record and success rates
  •         We focus on quality of eggs and embryos, not quantity 
  •         Personalised treatment plans – we care about the health of mother and baby
  •         No restrictive selection criteria – we want to help every woman
  •         No waiting lists – start treatment right away
  •         Accessible location and free on-site parking


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'It feels like a big family'

We have had the most amazing experience with CREATE Fertility. All the staff have been so friendly and welcoming and have made the whole experience so relaxed and even enjoyable. It feels like a big family. They've been there to support us when we haven't had the outcome we expected but were there like family members joining in with our happy news!! We really can't thank you enough. We look forward to seeing you all in the future :)

One egg and one sperm

Dear Professor Nargund,
We firstly wanted to say a huge thank you for doing our embryo transfer procedure last week. We are now back home in Cornwall – keeping relatively rested – and hoping for a positive result in 10 days time, fingers crossed …

We also wanted to pass on how positive our whole Create experience was again this time, all of the staff were incredibly helpful, supportive and professional, and we felt that we were in the best possible hands.”

Our fertility journey started in 2009 when we discovered that my partner had a very low sperm count (some samples found no sperm at all, some found only 1 or 2 sperm).  At this stage my partner was 46 And I was 29.   My partner did quite a few samples which we froze in the hope that we would be able to get pregnant using these if no sperm were found on the day of egg collection during IVF.  I had had various tests and none seemed to suggest any cause for concern.  We began our first IVF cycle (a long protocol) in 2010 but I was absolutely devastated when my first scan showed no response.  We waited another couple of days – still no response, so the cycle was cancelled.  I was so shocked and upset as I had thought that there were no problems on my side.  The consultant at our local clinic suggested I have my AMH re-tested and it was less than 2.  It had been 8 when I’d been tested less than a year before and for some reason had dropped suddenly.  The consultant told us that our only real chance was to go for egg donation.

Despite the advice, we tried another cycle using my eggs, this time a short protocol.  Amazingly, I had 8 follicles growing, but only 3 eggs were collected (the rest of the follicles were empty).  All three eggs fertilised, two were put back, but sadly did not result in a positive pregnancy result.

We knew we wanted to try again using my eggs but thought we would try going to a London clinic that saw a lot of women with low AMH, rather than going to our local clinic where the consultant didn’t have confidence in achieving a pregnancy using my eggs.  In June 2011 we did a 3rd cycle with a London clinic that uses high doses of stimulation drugs.  Five eggs were collected although only 2 were mature enough to use.  Both fertilised and were put back, and we achieved a positive pregnancy result.  The rest of that cycle is a very long story, but sadly we miscarried at 11 weeks.

Our 4th IVF cycle began in October 2011 and this time we went to Create, having attended an initial consultation we decided we on the advice of doctors at Create to try ‘natural’ IVF with the aim of focusing on egg quality and reducing the strain on the body of having high doses of stimulation drugs when I was unlikely to produce many eggs.  During this fourth cycle I had two follicles growing, and two eggs were collected, both fertilised but only 1 embryo was strong enough to put back.  I thought the chances of this pregnancy working were so slim – only one embryo, plus my partner hadn’t been able to be with me during the egg collection day due to unchangeable work issues so we’d had to use frozen sperm – knowing that each vial may only have 1 or 2 sperm I thought it was so unlikely it would work.  BUT – two weeks later we had a positive pregnancy result, 7 weeks later there was a heartbeat .. and 9 months later we had a beautiful daughter who is now 11 months old.

I wanted to share our story to give hope to anyone out there who is wondering if it can happen – we were lucky enough to find that it can!  Our situation seemed pretty hopeless at one point – hardly any sperm, hardly any eggs, but it still worked in the end.

I found Create to be fantastic, I loved how small and personal it was, and the ‘natural’ IVF approach clearly worked in our situation.  We are just about to start a new cycle with Create in the hope of having a sibling for our daughter as we are just loving the experience of being parents.  I know how blessed we are, and wish anyone reading this the very best of luck.

A baby with CREATE after 10 unsuccessful cycles elsewhere

We approached Create in November 2011. This was after undergoing 10 cycles of traditional treatment at two top tier London clinics, all of which did not result in implantation. One of these clinics recommended that we give up as the clinical director believed that we had “close to zero” chance of success. The other clinic recommended that we keep going, cycle after cycle, and eventually it would work.

Hence, we were quite sceptical in our early dealings with Create, primarily due to our history.

Create described a different approach with varying levels of stimulation including a natural cycle and a modified natural cycle with some medication. The key was to focus on maximising the quality of a single egg (quality not quantity).

Create made us realise that as I had low ovarian reserve, the quality of the eggs was likely to compromised by heavy ovarian stimulation and hence reduce chances of success i.e.: traditional IVF was never going to work.

So with very low expectations, we embarked on a modified natural cycle. Scan appointments took place every few days at Harley Street. We never felt that we were on a conveyor belt as the waiting room was not over-flowing with patients unlike many other clinics, and generally appointments ran close to their scheduled time.

There were injections to administer the hormones but these were quite manageable and so much less physically and emotionally demanding.

Egg collection took place under sedation (not general anaesthetic as other clinics). We had direct contact with the doctors carrying out the procedure who were willing and available to answer our questions.

After the egg collection and embryo transfer, we were given a more medication to maximise implantation.

Throughout the process, and subsequently, we had access to the clinical team to answer our queries, however trivial.

We were lucky to have a positive pregnancy and a beautiful baby daughter born in December 2012. We would recommend the natural approach to anyone in a similar situation.

(please note we respect out patients privacy when they send us feedback and ask to remain anonymous)

Successful IVF for Bristol couple

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Patient Stories

  • 'It feels like a big family'

  • One egg and one sperm

  • A baby with CREATE after 10 unsuccessful cycles elsewhere

  • Successful IVF for Bristol couple

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