Natural and Mild IVF treatment for Liverpool patients


Liverpool patients to receive pioneering Natural and Mild IVF treatment at our new fertility clinic.

CREATE Fertility Manchester is located in Wilmslow town centre, in the south of Manchester, and offers easy access from the M56 and Wilmslow Overground Station. This means that patients from Liverpool can access the clinic within an hour. We also have free onsite parking for patients attending the clinic by car.

We are the pioneers of Natural and Mild IVF and our approach to fertility treatment has helped many patients from across the UK and around the world. With CREATE Fertility Manchester being the only dedicated Natural and Mild IVF clinic in north of England, we hope to make our treatments more accessible for women and couples from Liverpool.

Call us on 03339 205 371 to book & get your first appointment Half Price - Introductory Offer Only!


If you’d like more information about CREATE’s approach to IVF treatment and to get a free mini consultation with one of our fertility experts, come along to a free open evening:

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Why choose milder approaches to IVF treatment?

  •         Excellent success rates
  •         Reduced stimulation drugs
  •         Safer treatment for mother and baby
  •         Shorter treatment duration (2 weeks)
  •         More affordable

Why choose CREATE Fertility?

  •         Excellent track record and success rates
  •         We focus on quality of eggs and embryos, not quantity 
  •         Personalised treatment plans – we care about the health of mother and baby
  •         No restrictive selection criteria – we want to help every woman
  •         No waiting lists – start treatment right away
  •         Accessible location and free on-site parking


For more information on CREATE Fertility Manchester please click here.

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“It’s amazing what CREATE does, you change the lives of people forever.”

My husband and I had been trying to have children for 18 months. When nothing had happened, I went to my GP and was advised to keep trying naturally for a while longer. We did but still nothing happened. I had some basic tests and we were quite quickly put into the category of ‘unexplained infertility.’ That was the moment when we realised we had an issue.

I went to CREATE and further tests showed I had polycystic ovaries. I wasn’t surprised because my sister has it and I had some of the associated symptoms. However, because the scans through the GP hadn’t discovered it, I thought it had been ruled out. So when CREATE identified the issue very clearly we had an explanation for our problems. Further scans also showed that I had issues with the blood circulation around my uterus.

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Treatment with low AMH

Many patients with low AMH results are turned away from clinics or steered towards treatment with donor eggs. However it is possible to use your own eggs and still get pregnant with low AMH results, as Sarah can attest:

“I came to CREATE after having negative experiences of treatment with the NHS, where I paid for a round of treatment, having not been accepted for funding. I found the experience incredibly impersonal; I once got called in to my appointment with a vibrating gadget rather than being called by name.

The cycle with the NHS failed, and I turned to natural medicine specialist Dr Trevor Wing, who recommended that I try CREATE....

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Very low egg reserve and pre-menopausal ovaries

Tracy aged 38, was told by another clinic that she would never have her own children. She was turned away from several fertility clinics because her FSH was very high and egg reserve was very low. She had been told her this meant she was approaching the menopause and wouldn’t be able to have a child with her own egg and donor eggs would be her only option. They weren’t ready to accept this and were absolutely devastated. Not only did she have very low egg reserve, but her husband suffered from infertility and no sperm as a result of carrying the Cystic Fibrosis gene. Despite this difficulty, she conceived with natural IVF/ICSI using her own egg and her husband’s testicular sperm. She became pregnant and had a daughter.  She returned for further treatment 2 years later against all odds and conceived again with natural IVF/ICSI and had a son. She is convinced that staying away from fertility drugs helped her to have two children with Natural IVF/ICSI.

20 weeks pregnant at 46

I am very happy that I came to CREATE Fertility. I do believe God guided me to be treated there by very nice doctors and staff. I am 46 years old, 20 weeks pregnant and everything is normal. I do think women should be given an opportunity to try IVF and CREATE gives this chance to many women who would be refused by other doctors.


'Our baby boy arrived on Sunday 13th November - just over a year since the Fertility Show.'

We attended the Fertility Show, last year, to start our pregnancy journey. We had very little information about what to expect with IVF and we wanted to gather as much information as possible in one place. Being a yoga teacher and interested in natural health, the CREATE stand appealed to me with the headline of 'Natural IVF'. We went to the stand to gather leaflets and speak to their consultants. During our conversation we discussed the new techniques that the clinic were exploring to help reduce the cost of IVF. Long story short, we were accepted onto the walking egg/low cost IVF program; treatment starting 2 weeks after the show.

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Patient Stories

  • “It’s amazing what CREATE does, you change the lives of people forever.”

  • Treatment with low AMH

  • Very low egg reserve and pre-menopausal ovaries

  • 20 weeks pregnant at 46
    I do think women should be given an opportunity to try IVF.

  • 'Our baby boy arrived on Sunday 13th November - just over a year since the Fertility Show.'
    Laura and her partner found out about our Low Cost IVF at the Fertility show. A year on and they now have a beautiful baby boy and the result.

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