Natural & Mild IVF treatment for Leeds patients


Leeds patients welcome for successful Natural and Mild IVF treatment at our new fertility clinic.

We’re pleased to announce the opening of our newest IVF clinic in the north of England. CREATE Manchester is the only clinic in the north that specialises in Natural and Mild IVF treatment which is personalised to your body to give you the best chance of success.

CREATE Fertility Manchester, located in Wilmslow town centre, welcomes women and couples from neighbouring towns and cities like Leeds.

Women and couples from Leeds can access our new IVF clinic by the M60 and M62 within just an hour and can find free onsite parking at the clinic. CREATE Fertility Manchester can also be accessed by Wilmslow Overground station.

CREATE Fertility are pioneers of Natural and Mild IVF treatments and have advanced this approach to make it more patient friendly and most importantly, more successful.

The first step to starting your journey is to book an Initial Scan and Consultation.

Call us on 03339 205 371 to start your journey

Why choose CREATE Fertility Manchester?

  • Excellent success rates
  • Safe IVF treatment tailored to your unique body – we care about the health of mother and baby
  • We focus on the quality of eggs and embryos, not quantity
  • No waiting list – start treatment right away
  • Short treatment duration (2 weeks)
  • No selection criteria – we want to help as many women as we can
  • Accessible location with free onsite parking

Register for the next open evening at our Manchester clinic:

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'My experience has been nothing short of AWESOME'

I came to CREATE with a lot of hope as I had read online that their treatment is mostly natural. I had just literally walked out of a cycle elsewhere that nearly cost me my life. I was diagnosed with severe OHSS and sadly lost the embryo at 10 weeks. My experience with CREATE has been nothing short of AWESOME. The care I received and the assurance I had that I will not have OHSS again made me feel so much at ease. I sit here today as I write with a baby growing inside of me, thanks to your professionalism and the impeccable care I received. Thank you to everyone!! :)

"I needed to have a bond with all those involved in my treatment and I experienced that with CREATE."

In many ways I wish that I had started the process of IVF treatment years earlier, but I also believe that you have to start when the time is right for you. My belief is that most people who want a child  can have one; you just have to be open minded about how you have that child, because whichever way you have your child or children, you will love them.

I had always wanted children and assumed that by the age of 28 I would have been married with kids. At 30 I decided that if I was still single by 39 I would start the process of having a child alone. Suddenly 39 came and went and I was planning my 40th birthday party alone; I knew it was time to start fertility treatment. It took me a further few months to get around to booking the appointment but by July 2013 my journey began. My sister, Sharon Pitt, works at Marilyn Glenville nutritional clinic and deals a lot with infertility and miscarriage, so she recommended CREATE because of the approach Professor Nargund takes with her patients, which is as natural as possible. 

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Treatment with low AMH

Many patients with low AMH results are turned away from clinics or steered towards treatment with donor eggs. However it is possible to use your own eggs and still get pregnant with low AMH results, as Sarah can attest:

“I came to CREATE after having negative experiences of treatment with the NHS, where I paid for a round of treatment, having not been accepted for funding. I found the experience incredibly impersonal; I once got called in to my appointment with a vibrating gadget rather than being called by name.

The cycle with the NHS failed, and I turned to natural medicine specialist Dr Trevor Wing, who recommended that I try CREATE....

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Carla’s story: we will definitely be coming back to CREATE!

Undergoing IVF can be a roller-coaster experience, but can also be a rewarding one once you find the treatment that’s right for you. Here Carla, a businesswoman from London tells her IVF story. 

‘After marrying my husband James 4 years ago we decided that we wanted to start a family, and I came off the pill straight away. I was told that my periods might take a little while to resume, but after 6 months had passed and they still hadn’t started I began to get worried. James and I went to get tested at our local NHS hospital, and initially the doctors could fine nothing wrong; my fallopian tubes and ovaries looked entirely normal. However, an AMH blood test revealed that my ovarian reserve was low, with an AMH of just 4.0. Being only in my early 30s, this came as a shock. We also discovered that James’ sperm count was low on a few parameters.

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Patient Stories

  • 'My experience has been nothing short of AWESOME'

  • "I needed to have a bond with all those involved in my treatment and I experienced that with CREATE."

  • Treatment with low AMH

  • Carla’s story: we will definitely be coming back to CREATE!

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