Say 'no' to expensive and unproven add-ons in IVF


Isabella Lafferty is a bright and articulate 37-year-old chartered accountant. Yet five years ago she found herself being talked into paying thousands of pounds for unproven fertility treatments.

‘When you’re going through IVF, you’re vulnerable, desperate and you’d cut your leg off if your doctor told you to,’ says Isabella, who lives in London. ‘You’re so emotionally involved you simply don’t care what it costs which is why fertility doctors have an immense amount of responsibility.’

Yesterday it was revealed that some NHS hospitals were charging up to 40 per cent over the odds for private IVF treatment. And in another study researchers from Oxford University found that almost all of the additional treatments that are sold alongside IVF to boost its success have no scientific backing and the results were published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ). 


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"I needed to have a bond with all those involved in my treatment and I experienced that with CREATE."

In many ways I wish that I had started the process of IVF treatment years earlier, but I also believe that you have to start when the time is right for you. My belief is that most people who want a child  can have one; you just have to be open minded about how you have that child, because whichever way you have your child or children, you will love them.

I had always wanted children and assumed that by the age of 28 I would have been married with kids. At 30 I decided that if I was still single by 39 I would start the process of having a child alone. Suddenly 39 came and went and I was planning my 40th birthday party alone; I knew it was time to start fertility treatment. It took me a further few months to get around to booking the appointment but by July 2013 my journey began. My sister, Sharon Pitt, works at Marilyn Glenville nutritional clinic and deals a lot with infertility and miscarriage, so she recommended CREATE because of the approach Professor Nargund takes with her patients, which is as natural as possible. 

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Severe endometriosis – Successful Natural IVF

Abigail was a 36 year old with severe endometriosis and she was not able to undergo ovarian stimulation because she suffered from extreme pelvic pain with ovulation and ovarian stimulation could make her endometriosis worse. Her husband’s sperm was normal. She had damaged tubes and needed IVF to help her get pregnant. However, she was not offered IVF without drugs and was told that she should consider having donor eggs. She found out about Create Health Clinics and came to London for Natural IVF. She conceived after her second cycle of Natural IVF using her own egg without any ovarian stimulation. She has a 5 year old daughter following her successful Natural IVF!

'Don't give up hope'

To all those looking for some hope!

I was 41 with high FSH and low AMH (hardly detectable) when I first came to CREATE. After the initial consultation they agreed to take me on and recommended Natural IVF due to my low ovarian reserve. I was only getting two follicles on each side. I had previously been told by three other gynaecologists that my only hope was donor eggs. The first round of IVF it didn’t fertilise and I was devastated. The second attempt was cancelled as no follicles. Third attempt we got one egg and it fertilised. The embryo was transferred but it didn’t stick! Again I was devastated.

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Thanks from the bottom of our hearts

We would just like to send you a huge thank you from  the bottom of our hearts for the kindness and care that you have given to our daughter and son-in-law. Their struggle to have a baby was overwhelming.

Our daughter was a patient at another highly reputed fertility clinic and the care she received was cold, miserable, uncaring. She had been diagnosed with low AMH even though she was only 30. Unfortunately her first round of IVF resulted in an ectopic pregnancy which was hugely distressing. She then started her next round of IVF and sadly when she had egg collection the follicles were empty - another sad blow to her somewhat fragile mental state. The IVF clinic that she was attending at the time was heartless, the patients were merely numbers. They were not treated with any understanding or sensitivity that they were a desperate couple who wanted to have their own biological children. 

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I had unsuccessful IVF elsewhere...became pregnant at CREATE

We received fertility treatment from Create Wimbledon last May, having had unsuccessful IVF treatment elsewhere and were thrilled to get pregnant following your programme.  We now have a healthy, beautiful baby daughter called Rebecca – born last Thursday on her due date – and would like to thank everyone in Wimbledon for all their help and support in what’s been a very emotional journey. We couldn’t be happier!

Best wishes to everyone

*we respect our patient’s wish to remain anonymous.

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  • "I needed to have a bond with all those involved in my treatment and I experienced that with CREATE."

  • Severe endometriosis – Successful Natural IVF

  • 'Don't give up hope'

  • Thanks from the bottom of our hearts

  • I had unsuccessful IVF elsewhere...became pregnant at CREATE

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