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If you are a patient from the East of England or from Merton, London, who is eligible for NHS-funding, you can now choose CREATE as your clinic for fertility treatment such as IVF or ICSI. We are a leading private fertility clinic in a great location in the heart of London, and NHS-funded patients will receive the same high-quality care as private patients.




How to choose CREATE as your Clinic for NHS-funded treatment

If you would like to undergo your treatment with at CREATE Fertility, you can ask your Consultant or Nurse Practitioner to refer you for treatment here. They will fill in the referral form and send it to us. Once we have checked the form has been filled in correctly, we will contact you to organise your initial appointment. This appointment will take an hour and include an internal scan and a consultation, where the doctor will devise a personalised treatment plan for you. For more information follow this link, or email us at:

If for any reason you are not eligible for funding, or have exhausted your funding, you can still come to CREATE as a self-funded patient; just give us a call on 0333 240 7300 or email

Why you should choose CREATE for NHS fertility treatment

CREATE is a clinic founded on scientific expertise. With some of the leading Fertility Consultants and Embryologists in the country, we combine medical knowledge with cutting-edge technology in order to deliver a world-class service. The unique medical approach and ethos of CREATE ensures that patients receive a truly special and personalised experience. CREATE is the foremost clinic in the field of Mild Stimulation IVF. We believe in minimising the use of fertility drugs in order to maximise the quality of eggs collected and the quality of the uterine environment. There is statistical evidence that this approach delivers not only excellent success rates, but also leads to improved safety and long-term health for mothers and babies. Transferring IVF NHS Funding To CREATE

Our Success Rates 

We have some of the best success rates in the UK. It is important to remember that as a private clinic, the vast majority of our patients in 2013 were not eligible for NHS funding and had low egg reserve. This means that their prognosis was not as favourable as those who are eligible for NHS-funding. At your first appointment at CREATE, our Consultant will give you an individualised success rate, based on your medical history, investigation results and the suggested treatment protocol.





The Patient Experience


  • Our approach to IVF is often described by our patients as much easier and less stressful than conventional IVF at other clinics. Our approach to IVF involves tailoring stimulation to the individual and is often called ‘Mild Stimulation’ IVF. It will help you have a better experience of assisted reproduction than high stimulation conventional IVF:
  • The treatment is carried out within your own natural menstrual cycle and the associated physical and emotional stress in considerably less demanding than a conventional IVF cycle. There are none of the menopausal side-effects associated with a conventional IVF cycle.
  • Our treatments take place over two weeks, rather than the six weeks that is taken by conventional IVF.
  • Because we reduce the amount of fertility drugs used during treatment, the side-effects of conventional IVF, such as headaches, weight-gain/bloating, mood changes, are considerably reduced.
  • The number of visits, scans, blood, tests and injections are reduced with our approach vs conventional IVF.
  • There is less interference with our more physiological approach, so it is easier for you to get on with your life and the things you need to do.
  • We have Counselling and Patient Support available for you before, during and after treatment.


Our World Class Vitrification


We are very proud to have one of the best freezing programmes for eggs and embryos. Our Scientific Director, Prof RC Chian, is one of the pioneers of a technique called ‘Vitrification’. Unlike with conventional freezing techniques, the embryos and eggs are ‘fast-frozen’, which reduces the formation of damaging ice crystals. Eggs and Embryos that have been frozen with the Vitrification method have much higher rates of survival, which gives our Consultants and Embryologists the confidence to use freezing for preservation of fertility and as part of our strategy to increase your chances of pregnancy.


No Waiting List


We do not have a waiting list, which means you will be seen at the earliest time possible. Appointments are booked at your convenience. Once you have had your initial appointment, treatment usually begins in the following cycle.


Open 7 Days a week


The number of visits to the clinic required is entirely dependent on your individual circumstances. CREATE Fertility tailors all treatment cycles to you and our St Paul’s clinic is open seven days a week for all appointments, including procedures such as egg collection and embryo transfer. We believe it is important for us to work with your body.


Our Fertility clinics

East of England

If you are a NHS patient from the East of England, you are most likely to be interested in using our fertility clinics in:

St Albans, HertfordshireOur satellite clinic in Hertfordshire offers a local service for East of England patients. Patients can have all consultations, ultrasound scans and blood tests in Hertfordshire.

St Paul's, Central LondonOur Centre for Excellence is located in the heart of the Central London, next to St Paul's Cathedral.


If you are a NHS patient from Merton, you are most likely to be interested in our Wimbledon Fertility Clinic.

Our Scientific Expertise

Professor Geeta Nargund – Medical Director

Professor Geeta Nargund is our Medical Director and is also a Senior Consultant Gynaecologist and Lead Consultant for Reproductive Medicine services at St George’s Hospital, London. She has pioneered the usage of advanced ultrasound in fertility and safer and more gentle IVF treatment. She is the President of the International Scientific Society for Mild Approaches in Assisted Reproduction (ISMAAR). Geeta was awarded the “Red Woman of the Year Award for Charity and Community work” by Red magazine in December 2013. She was the recipient of the “RBS Chairman’s Award”, a special, prestigious award for the outstanding candidate at the Asian Women of Achievement awards in 2014.

Professor Stuart Campbell – Director of Ultrasound

Professor Stuart Campbell is a pioneer of Ultrasound Diagnosis in medicine and has introduced many new techniques such as the routine pregnancy scan, the early diagnosis of fetal abnormalities, the assessment of fetal growth and wellbeing and ultrasound screening for ovarian cancer.

Professor Rene Frydman – Scientific Director

In 1982, Professor Frydman produced the first baby born in France as a result of IVF. He continued to pioneer new developments in infertility, including the first French babies born after embryo freezing in 1986, after PGD in 2000, after IVM in 2003, after oocyte cryopreservation 2010 and after PGD with HLA matching in order to bring about the birth of a saviour sibling in January 2011.

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