Manchester open days and evenings

At CREATE Fertility Manchester we regularly hold free information evenings for women and couples interested in finding out more about Natural and Mild fertility treatment.

Join us to discover more about your fertility and how we can help you realise the dream of having or growing your family.

Fertility information evenings

Discover everything you need to know about Natural and Mild fertility treatment at CREATE Fertility:

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If there isn’t an event at a convenient time for you please contact us to arrange an initial consultation.

Why come to an information evening?

Our events are led by specialist fertility consultants who will talk you through:

  • Our philosophy and methods,
  • Different fertility issues and how we can help you overcome them,
  • The IVF cycle – the process and the benefits of our approach,
  • Natural and Mild IVF,
  • What your initial consultation appointment would be like at CREATE and why scanning is so important,
  • The next steps.

Why CREATE leads the market?

CREATE is the largest provider of Natural & Mild IVF in Europe; we focus on the health of mother and baby.


  • Gives EVERY woman the best chance of a baby – we build a unique treatment plan for every patient to give them the best possible chance of conceiving
  • Reduces unnecessary drugs and tests – reducing unnecessary medication and procedures reduces the emotional and physical stress of treatment, the chances of complications and saves you money
  • Has proven results – with leading success rates in the UK, our medical experts have helped thousands of people realise their dream of having a baby
  • Are world leaders in Natural and Mild IVF – our approach is proven to help people with many different fertility challenges start or grow their families

Wednesday 28th June 2017 6.30pm

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PS… I’ve referred 3 people to you

Dear everyone at CREATE Fertility Wimbledon,

Thank you so much!

I cannot thank you enough for all your kindness, warmth, support, help and professionalism. It meant so much to me and aided my blissful pregnancy. The end result is my beautiful, amazing & chilled out daughter whom I am totally in love with.
As well as me, she is surrounded by loving people who also adore her.

Thank you!

PS… I have also been so impressed by your wonderful service that I've referred at least 3 people to you!

“I was looked at as a whole person and the suggested treatment tailored to me and my body.”

I’ve wanted children for as long as I can remember but unfortunately have never had much luck in relationships. I talked with my friends about doing it alone and gave myself a deadline of 35 years old. A friend of a friend said they could put me in touch with someone who’d had a child on their own. Meeting someone who had done it made a huge difference for me.

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fertility clinic

Successful IVF after failure elsewhere

My husband and I came to Create following unsuccessful treatments at another private clinic. The initial consultation, a gynaecological MOT in April 2011, enabled the early diagnosis of a benign ovarian dermoid cyst. Following the removal of the cyst, we returned to Create for treatment in August, a process which had begun with testicular sperm extraction and concluded with natural cycle IVF. We were successful. Our first IVF attempt resulted in a beautiful baby girl born in April 2012.

The staff at Create were quite simply fantastic- professional, empathetic and positive. I was looking for an environment which would offer individualised treatment and the possibility of examining all options. Natural IVF worked with my cycle and the reduced level of medication was also a major bonus. Create’s vigilance also allayed any worries I had about ovarian hyperstimulation. As Create rightly state, all that is needed is one viable sperm and a healthy egg. The wonderful ethos of this clinic is woman centred prioritising Gynaecological health not statistics.

Being in my early forties, my expectations of having a child were exceedingly low. The attitude of all staff at Create is so genuinely encouraging.  The doctors, consultants, nurses and embryologists cheerfully affirmed my possibilities. During the early stages of my pregnancy I was also able to contact both my doctor and embryologist for advice regarding prenatal testing. This clinic works as a team and has a unified vision. Create really is an extraordinary place with committed staff eager to enable women’s reproductive possibilities safely. My husband and I considered Create to be our support mechanism. This extraordinary achievement is due to the extraordinary people working at this clinic. It should be noted that had we not been successful I would have had absolutely no hesitation in returning to Create for further treatment.

"I needed to have a bond with all those involved in my treatment and I experienced that with CREATE."

In many ways I wish that I had started the process of IVF treatment years earlier, but I also believe that you have to start when the time is right for you. My belief is that most people who want a child  can have one; you just have to be open minded about how you have that child, because whichever way you have your child or children, you will love them.

I had always wanted children and assumed that by the age of 28 I would have been married with kids. At 30 I decided that if I was still single by 39 I would start the process of having a child alone. Suddenly 39 came and went and I was planning my 40th birthday party alone; I knew it was time to start fertility treatment. It took me a further few months to get around to booking the appointment but by July 2013 my journey began. My sister, Sharon Pitt, works at Marilyn Glenville nutritional clinic and deals a lot with infertility and miscarriage, so she recommended CREATE because of the approach Professor Nargund takes with her patients, which is as natural as possible. 

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Patient Stories

  • PS… I’ve referred 3 people to you

  • “I was looked at as a whole person and the suggested treatment tailored to me and my body.”
    Beth, single woman with PCOS, talks about IVF treatment with CREATE

  • Successful IVF after failure elsewhere

  • "I needed to have a bond with all those involved in my treatment and I experienced that with CREATE."

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