Manchester open days and evenings

At CREATE Fertility Manchester we regularly hold free information evenings for women and couples interested in finding out more about Natural and Mild fertility treatment.

Join us to discover more about your fertility and how we can help you realise the dream of having or growing your family.

Fertility information evenings

Discover everything you need to know about Natural and Mild fertility treatment at CREATE Fertility:

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If there isn’t an event at a convenient time for you please contact us to arrange an initial consultation.

Why come to an information evening?

Our events are led by specialist fertility consultants who will talk you through:

  • Our philosophy and methods,
  • Different fertility issues and how we can help you overcome them,
  • The IVF cycle – the process and the benefits of our approach,
  • Natural and Mild IVF,
  • What your initial consultation appointment would be like at CREATE and why scanning is so important,
  • The next steps.

Why CREATE leads the market?

CREATE is the largest provider of Natural & Mild IVF in Europe; we focus on the health of mother and baby.


  • Gives EVERY woman the best chance of a baby – we build a unique treatment plan for every patient to give them the best possible chance of conceiving
  • Reduces unnecessary drugs and tests – reducing unnecessary medication and procedures reduces the emotional and physical stress of treatment, the chances of complications and saves you money
  • Has proven results – with leading success rates in the UK, our medical experts have helped thousands of people realise their dream of having a baby
  • Are world leaders in Natural and Mild IVF – our approach is proven to help people with many different fertility challenges start or grow their families
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"I felt so content with my decision to go solo as soon as I made it and I feel incredibly fortunate to be a mum today."

I always knew that at one point I would have children and I was never worried about it, yet I almost missed my chance. I enjoyed my youth, built my career, travelled a lot and I expected to meet the right partner along the way and eventually build a family “the standard way” but that unfortunately didn’t happen.

As I approached 40 and split up from my partner, it struck me that I would likely lose the chance to ever become a mum if I wasn’t actively doing something about it. This is when I decided to start fertility treatment by myself. Now I realise how lucky I am to be the mother of an adorable little girl.

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"IUI opens up a new chapter for lesbian couple by helping them start their family."

Five years ago we didn’t think that having our own babies was even a possibility, we thought we’d have to adopt. Luckily for us, fertility treatment is a lot more accessible these days.

During our initial consultation and scan with CREATE, it became clear that IUI (artificial insemination) was the most suitable option for us, mainly because we were a good age for it and had no fertility issues.

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Treatment with low AMH

Many patients with low AMH results are turned away from clinics or steered towards treatment with donor eggs. However it is possible to use your own eggs and still get pregnant with low AMH results, as Sarah can attest:

“I came to CREATE after having negative experiences of treatment with the NHS, where I paid for a round of treatment, having not been accepted for funding. I found the experience incredibly impersonal; I once got called in to my appointment with a vibrating gadget rather than being called by name.

The cycle with the NHS failed, and I turned to natural medicine specialist Dr Trevor Wing, who recommended that I try CREATE....

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PS… I’ve referred 3 people to you

Dear everyone at CREATE Fertility Wimbledon,

Thank you so much!

I cannot thank you enough for all your kindness, warmth, support, help and professionalism. It meant so much to me and aided my blissful pregnancy. The end result is my beautiful, amazing & chilled out daughter whom I am totally in love with.
As well as me, she is surrounded by loving people who also adore her.

Thank you!

PS… I have also been so impressed by your wonderful service that I've referred at least 3 people to you!

A baby with CREATE after 10 unsuccessful cycles elsewhere

We approached Create in November 2011. This was after undergoing 10 cycles of traditional treatment at two top tier London clinics, all of which did not result in implantation. One of these clinics recommended that we give up as the clinical director believed that we had “close to zero” chance of success. The other clinic recommended that we keep going, cycle after cycle, and eventually it would work.

Hence, we were quite sceptical in our early dealings with Create, primarily due to our history.

Create described a different approach with varying levels of stimulation including a natural cycle and a modified natural cycle with some medication. The key was to focus on maximising the quality of a single egg (quality not quantity).

Create made us realise that as I had low ovarian reserve, the quality of the eggs was likely to compromised by heavy ovarian stimulation and hence reduce chances of success i.e.: traditional IVF was never going to work.

So with very low expectations, we embarked on a modified natural cycle. Scan appointments took place every few days at Harley Street. We never felt that we were on a conveyor belt as the waiting room was not over-flowing with patients unlike many other clinics, and generally appointments ran close to their scheduled time.

There were injections to administer the hormones but these were quite manageable and so much less physically and emotionally demanding.

Egg collection took place under sedation (not general anaesthetic as other clinics). We had direct contact with the doctors carrying out the procedure who were willing and available to answer our questions.

After the egg collection and embryo transfer, we were given a more medication to maximise implantation.

Throughout the process, and subsequently, we had access to the clinical team to answer our queries, however trivial.

We were lucky to have a positive pregnancy and a beautiful baby daughter born in December 2012. We would recommend the natural approach to anyone in a similar situation.

(please note we respect out patients privacy when they send us feedback and ask to remain anonymous)

Patient Stories

  • "I felt so content with my decision to go solo as soon as I made it and I feel incredibly fortunate to be a mum today."

  • "IUI opens up a new chapter for lesbian couple by helping them start their family."
    Keisha and Sabrina explain how IUI with CREATE opened a new chapter for them.

  • Treatment with low AMH

  • PS… I’ve referred 3 people to you

  • A baby with CREATE after 10 unsuccessful cycles elsewhere

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