Professor Rene Frydman

Medical Advisor

We are very honoured to have Professor Rene Frydman join the team at CREATE Fertility.

In 1982, Professor Frydman produced the first baby born in France as a result of IVF. He continued to pioneer new developments in infertility, including the first French babies born after embryo freezing in 1986, after PGD in 2000, after IVM in 2003, after oocyte cryopreservation 2010 and after PGD with HLA matching in order to bring about the birth of a saviour sibling in January 2011.

He was also a fundamental part of the team that developed the antagonist, which forms the basis of 'short' protocol IVF and makes Mild IVF possible, and his team did the original work on Modified Natural IVF.

His other area of interest is biomedical ethics, and his work in this area has led to many invitations to debate the moral issues created by the use of the techniques of artificial procreation. He is an active participant in the preparation on laws on bioethics across the EU.

Professor Frydman was attracted to join CREATE by our pioneering work in further developing the protocols used in Modified Natural IVF. He is consulting patients at St Paul's, primarily seeing French patients who are interested in our services.