3-cycle Mild IVF package

What is our 3-Cycle Mild Stimulation IVF package?

With our 3-Cycle Mild IVF package, we provide you with 3 cycles of Mild Stimulation IVF, which is IVF with low dosages of fertility drugs in your natural cycle. There is no hormonal suppression or menopausal status created before your IVF cycles. Mild Stimulation IVF has excellent success rates and the 3-cycle package offers you an excellent chance of having a baby and potentially storing embryos for future use. CREATE Fertility are the pioneers of Mild Stimulation in UK. Read more about Mild IVF here.

Who is Mild Stimulation IVF suitable for?

  • Mild Stimulation IVF is suitable for anyone whose success rate is increased with stimulation. This includes those normal egg reserve, those that are having treatment for male factor infertility and those who have PCO/PCOS.
  • Where many clinics give you conventional IVF, we can offer you Mild Stimulation.
    Those that want to reduce the physical and psychological burden associated with conventional IVF.
  • Those that want their treatment fitted within their own natural menstrual cycle.
  • Those that want to avoid the risk of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS).
  • Those that benefit from/want to take a minimal amount of medications in a stimulated cycle.
  • Those that want to protect their health and safety in the short and the long term.

Why choose the 3-cycle package?

  • Taking a 3-cycle package offers you an increased chance of taking home a baby by the end of treatment, at a considerably reduced cost compared with 3 separate cycles.
  • Gives you the opportunity to create spare embryos for future use.
  • If your oestrogen levels are high in a stimulated cycle, we can give you the opportunity to freeze embryo(s) and transfer them in a subsequent natural cycle to help increase your implantation rate.

Please note clinical criteria applies.

£7,450 for 3 'Fresh' Mild Stimulation Cycles →
  • 3 Mild Stimulation IVF Package + up to 3 embryo transfers
£7,450 for 3 'Frozen' Mild Cycles, including embryo freezing and storage and one ET →
  • 3 Mild Stimulation Cycles + embryo freezing & storage + 1 embryo transfer package
£7,450 for 3 Mild Simulation egg freezing package →
  • 3 Mild Stimulation Cycles + egg freezing & storage for one year
  • ICSI (in addition to cycle fee)
Abandoned Cycle Fees
  • In the event that a cycle is abandoned prior to egg collection, the following will be charged
  • Interrupted after 1 or 2 scans
  • Interrupted after 3 or 4 scans
  • Interrupted after 5 or more scans
  • If the cycle is converted to IUI (in addition to interrupted fee)
    We regret that at the time of egg collection, if no egg/eggs are collected, no refund will be issued and if no embryo is transferred there will also be no refund