3-cycle Natural IVF package

What is our 3-cycle Natural/Natural Modified Cycle IVF package?

With our 3-Cycle Natural/Modified Natural Cycle IVF Package, we provide you with 3 cycles of Natural/Modified Natural Cycle IVF. We freeze the embryos that result from the 3 cycles and then transfer the best embryo(s) in a Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle/s. To read more about Natural Cycle IVF, click here.

Who is Natural Cycle IVF suitable for?

  • Natural Cycle IVF is suitable for all women who ovulate.
  • Natural Cycle IVF is especially suited for those patients with low 
egg reserve, poor responders and older patient groups.
  • It gives the opportunity for  women with low egg reserve to have a child with their own eggs rather than donor eggs.
  • For those that want to avoid injections or drugs, Natural Cycle IVF is an option.
  • For women who have a strong family history of breast, ovarian and other oestrogen dependent cancers.
  • It can also benefit women who have severe endometriosis, who may be concerned about the effect of increased oestrogen levels following ovarian stimulation on their condition.

Why choose the 3-cycle package?

  • The 3-Cycle package offers a reduced cost over doing multiple cycles of Natural/Modified Natural Cycle IVF.
  • The package allows you to freeze embryo/s in consecutive cycles without a break, which allows you to store multiple embryos over a short period of time.
  • It allows the creation of multiple embryos from naturally selected eggs without the usage of fertility drugs or minimal usage of fertility drugs in your natural cycle.
  • Women who have low egg reserve are able to obtain a selection of embryos for transfer.
  • There may be spare embryos that can be used later.

Please note clinical criteria applies.

£6,450 for 3 Natural Cycles →
  • 3 Natural Cycles IVF/Modified + embryo freezing & storage + 1 embryo transfer package
£9,900 for 6 Natural Cycles →
  • 6 cycle + embryo freezing & storage + 2 embryo transfers package
Abandoned Cycle Fees
  • In the event that a cycle is abandoned prior to egg collection, the following will be charged
  • Interrupted after 1 or 2 scans
  • Interrupted after 3 or 4 scans
  • Interrupted after 5 or more scans
  • If the cycle is converted to IUI (in addition to interrupted fee)
    We regret that at the time of egg collection, if no egg/eggs are collected, no refund will be issued and if no embryo is transferred there will also be no refund
ICSI (in addition to cycle)

  • £870