Our sperm bank

CREATE Fertility’s sperm bank screens all potential donors for sexually transmitted diseases and some genetic disorders to ensure that you can be confident in the quality of the sperm we are providing.

Using samples from our sperm bank has a number of advantages including:

  • No costly courier fees for transporting donor sperm from European sperm banks
  • No waiting for sperm to arrive at the clinic
  • Support from our nursing team in reviewing donor information from our sperm bank

Prospective parents can choose the appropriate physical characteristics from our selection of sperm bank donors so that ethnicity or racial origin, skin colour, height, eye and hair colour can be matched.

Sperm can be used for IUI, Mild IVF, Natural Cycle IVF or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

Contact us to find out more about using donor sperm for fertility treatment

We can also support donor sperm sourced from other clinics, find out more on our donor sperm page.

Here is a selection of current sperm donor characteristics:

Donor code Eye Colour Hair colour CMV Status Blood group Race Height (cm) Weight (kg) Occupation
CSD0011 Brown Black Positive A Asian 179 82 Administrator
CSD0013 Hazel Brown light Negative O Caucasian  184 68 Graphic Designer
CSD0014 Brown Brown dark Negative O Caucasian  187 76 Technician
CSD0016 Brown Black Positive A Asian 169 76 Maintenance Manager
CSD0017 Brown Black Positive A/B Mixed 176 75 Accountant
CSD0018 Brown Black Positive B Asian 175 68 Banking