We are the Pioneers of Natural and Mild IVF

CREATE Fertility are the pioneers of Natural and Mild IVF treatment in the UK. Our fertility treatments offer women the chance to have a baby using their own eggs, without the need for long and intense courses of stimulating drugs. Natural and Mild IVF work within a woman's natural cycle and focus on the quality of eggs and embryos, not the quantity.

We are very proud of our excellent track record, which combines successful outcomes with an unparalleled safety record.

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A comparison of our natural IVF approach and the conventional approach

Patient-friendly IVF with fewer drugs

At CREATE Fertility, our approach means fewer drugs, fewer injections, fewer side-effects and reduced stress. It also means that the length of treatment can be shortened from 4-5 weeks to only 2 weeks. We believe that all of this is very important, as lower stress levels result in a happier patient and hopefully a higher chance of a successful outcome.

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Quality not Quantity

At CREATE Fertility, we advocate Natural and Mild IVF because they focus on the quality of egg and embryos, not the quantity. There is considerable scientific evidence to show that embryos produced from IVF cycles with lower stimulation are of higher quality than those produced in conventional, high stimulation IVF. By taking this approach, we have been able to achieve excellent results. We have helped many women who were turned away by other clinics.

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Reduced cost 

Our Medical Director, Professor Geeta Nargund, has long been committed to finding ways to make IVF more accessible. From her early academic work studying how to improve the success of Natural Cycles, she realised that the fertility drugs in IVF contribute significantly to the cost of each treatment. The cost of these high stimulation regimes is exacerbated by the multiple unnecessary tests and unproven treatments that are given in many clinics in the UK. Her work has therefore focused on making Natural and Mild IVF more successful, so that the cost would be more affordable.

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Excellent success rates and track record

We are very proud of our success at CREATE, and have managed to achieve consistently strong success rates over the years. We have attained these levels of success while adhering to our policy of giving only minimal amounts of drugs, if at all, demonstrating that our commitment to reducing the quantity of fertility drugs does not have a negative impact on the chances of success.

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Safer IVF with Fewer Side Effects & Healthier Babies

Ovarian Hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) is a common, potentially serious complication of fertility treatment. Professor Nargund, our Medical Director, has made a commitment to minimise the incidence of OHSS and other complications of IVF, in order to create more ‘women-friendly’ treatments. At CREATE, we are very proud to say that in 14 years, we have not had any cases of severe OHSS and with our mild approaches have been able to maintain a record of safety and success.

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Medical expertise & Consultant-led care

Our consultants are at the heart of everything we do. We take pride in recruiting some of the top fertility experts. Our practice is based on scientific expertise and led by Professors Nargund, Campbell, Chian and Frydman, who have pioneered many new innovations in fertility and IVF.  These medical leaders train our team of doctors, who are highly experienced. Your treatment will be led throughout by our doctors, which differs from other clinics, where care is often led by the nursing team.

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No Selection Criteria

Many clinics have selection criteria for the patients that they will accept, often based upon AMH or FSH blood test results. At CREATE it is our ethos to give every woman a chance if we can. If a woman wants to be treated using her own eggs and is under 50, we will endeavour to help her be successful in this is possible. We therefore have no cut-offs or selection criteria based on FSH, AMH etc We are invested in equality for all patients and believe that giving everybody a chance to become a parent is more important than just success rates. We have helped many women successfully conceive with critically low ovarian reserve. Indeed, we have had the two oldest patients in the world to deliver a baby using IVF with her own eggs, both at the age of 48.

Flexible fertility treatment with no waiting list

One of the major benefits of coming to CREATE Fertility for treatment is that there are no waiting lists. With treatment on the NHS involving long waiting lists, private treatment is often a more suitable option for those for whom time is running out. Typically patients on the NHS have to wait around 2 years after being approved for funding. At our clinic you do not have to wait at all, we will simply work within your natural cycle. Initial and MOT appointments are usually available within a week of enquiring, and again there are no waiting lists.

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