Reducing The Cost of IVF

Our Medical Director, Professor Geeta Nargund, has long been committed to finding ways to make IVF more accessible. From her early academic work studying how to improve the success of Natural Cycles, she realised that the fertility drugs in IVF contribute significantly to the cost of each treatment. The cost of these high stimulation regimes is exacerbated by the multiple unnecessary tests and unproven treatments that are given in many clinics in the UK. Her work has therefore focused on making Natural and Mild IVF more successful, so that the cost would be more affordable.

At CREATE Fertility, our commitment to Natural and Mild IVF as well as IVM means that we either use no drugs or a greatly reduced amount of drugs in our treatment, thereby significantly reducing the overall cost of treatment. In fact, a recent independent analysis by healthcare analysts, Mansfield Advisors, showed that CREATE Fertility had the ‘lowest cost per baby’ in London.  It is worth bearing in mind when looking at costs that the price of drugs is not usually included, and that the costs of medication can greatly inflate the base price. CREATE’s philosophy of not prescribing more drugs than are needed means that the overall cost of treatment is lower than that of conventional IVF.

We are also committed to not performing unnecessary testing and we focus on 3D and Doppler ultrasound scanning as the foundation of our assessment and treatment. This allows us to make quantitative and qualitative assessments without repeated tests and expense. We are able to provide comprehensive fertility testing in one hour for men, women and couples. Here at CREATE we are dedicated to keeping reducing the cost of IVF in order to improve accessibility.

3-Cycle Packages: We have recently come up with very affordable 3 Cycle Packages for both Natural Cycle IVF and Mild IVF. These make it more affordable to have multiple cycles and increase your chance of having a baby, whilst reducing the cost. To find out more, visit our Treatment Costs.

The Walking Egg Project: At CREATE, we are also a centre for the ‘Walking Egg Foundation’, which is a charity dedicated to finding ways to reduce the cost of IVF across the world. We are about to begin a study testing a new ‘Simplified Culture System’ (SCS), which has the potential to allow IVF without the need for the traditional laboratory system, and thereby reduce the cost of IVF. Professor Nargund was part of the team that pioneered the SCS in Belgium. The study cost is at a subsidised rate compared with our usual cost. If you want to find out more or find our whether you might be eligible, please click here

Egg Sharing: Women under the age of 36 who wish to reduce the cost of treatment can do so by donating half her eggs to a recipient woman/couple under our egg sharing programme. The recipient will then subsidise the cost of treatment.

Professor Geeta Nargund
Medical Director

Professor Geeta Nargund

Professor Geeta Nargund is the award-winning Medical Director of CREATE Fertility. She is also a....