Our IVF Experts & Fertility Specialists

Our medical and scientific leaders are at the forefront of assisted reproduction. Delivering the best fertility care requires innovations, being at the leading edge of scientific advances and having high quality fertility specialists.

All of our doctors, nurses and embryologists are trained in our techniques by pioneers and experts in the field of assisted reproduction. This ensures that we will always offer you the most cutting edge treatments and the highest standard of care. Our fertility consultants are at the heart of everything we do and we take pride in recruiting some of the top experts in the field. Our practice is based on medical and scientific expertise, which constantly informs our methods.  Your treatment is led throughout by doctors, which differs from many other clinics, where care is often led by the nursing team. You can visit our Meet the Team section to view our Doctors’ profiles. We cannot guarantee that you will see the same consultant or nurse every visit. However, we ensure that all our consultants and nurses are highly experienced and you receive the best advice. In fact, it has been shown that involvement of more than one consultant in your clinical care can provide the best platform for governance, safety and success.

The leading doctors in our clinics are experts and pioneers in the world of IVF. Our Medical Director Geeta Nargund is a leading expert in the field of Natural and Mild IVF, is prominent in influencing the politics surrounding IVF and has published many papers and articles on the advantages of Mild and Natural IVF techniques. Professor Stuart Campbell, our Director of Ultrasound, is a leading expert in ultrasound scanning and introduced the first 3D scanning to the UK. Professor Ri-Cheng Chiang is our Scientific Director, and is the pioneer of In-Vitro Maturation (IVM) and egg freezing, while Professor Rene Frydman performed the first successful IVF cycle in France.

In line with our scientific ethos, we liaise with the leaders in the field of reproductive medicine, and our Medical Director, Professor Geeta Nargund is the president of ISMAAR, a scientific society which brings together practitioners from all over the world to share their knowledge. All of our scientific leadership means that we can deliver the best care for you.

Professor Geeta Nargund

Medical Director, Professor Geeta Nargund, is one of the leading voices on mild approaches in assisted reproduction in the world. She wrote the first paper on the cumulative live birth rates with Natural Cycle IVF and is the President of the International Society for Mild Approaches in Assisted Reproduction. (www.ismaar.org). She was also involved in the revolutionary ‘Walking Egg’ Project, which received coverage all around the world for a new method of low cost IVF.

Professor Stuart Campbell

Our Director of Ultrasound, Professor Stuart Campbell is the foremost authority in Obstetrics and Gynaecological Ultrasound Scanning. He has pioneered pregnancy scanning and has developed ways of assessing egg quality and endometrial receptivity using ultrasound.

Professor RC Chian

CREATE’s Scientific Director, Professor RC Chian, is the inventor of In Vitro Maturation (IVM) in humans, which is a groundbreaking treatment that allows us to mature immature eggs in the laboratory. CREATE Fertility is one of the few centres in the world which offers this treatment. 
He also a pioneer of the fast-freezing of eggs, sperm and embryos, which is called vitrification.

Professor René Frydman

Professor Frydman created the first IVF baby in France and is one of the leading pioneers in Reproductive Medicine worldwide. He pioneered the antagonist, paving the way for the ‘short protocol’ in IVF and invented some of the first Modified Natural IVF protocols. 

Professor Geeta Nargund
Medical Director

Professor Geeta Nargund

Professor Geeta Nargund is the award-winning Medical Director of CREATE Fertility. She is also a....