IVF Treatment Tailored To Your Natural Cycle

Our approach to IVF is often described by our patients as much more easy and less stressful than conventional, high stimulation IVF. There are fewer fertility drugs, fewer stressful injections, fewer side-effects and therefore reduced stress. It also means that the length of treatment can be reduced from 4-6 weeks to only 2 weeks, so that it interferes less with your day-to-day life. We believe that all of this is very important, as lower stress levels result in a happier patient and hopefully a higher chance of a successful outcome.

The major benefits of our patient-friendly IVF are:

  • The treatment is carried out within your own natural menstrual cycle and the associated physical and emotional stress is considerably less demanding than a conventional, high stimulation IVF cycle. Because we don't shut down your cycle, there are none of the menopausal side-effects associated with a conventional, high stimulation IVF cycle.
  • Our treatments take place over 2 weeks, rather than the 4-6 weeks that is taken by conventional IVF.
  • Because we reduce the amount of fertility drugs used during treatment, the side-effects of conventional, high stimulation IVF, such as headaches, weight-gain/bloating, mood changes, are considerably reduced.
  • Our treatments are safer; we minimise the incidence of OHSS and we have never had a patient admitted to hospital with severe OHSS.
  • The number of visits, scans and blood tests are reduced with our approach vs conventional IVF.
  • Injections are either avoided (in Natural Cycle IVF or IVM) or greatly reduced (in Mild IVF). We can even do injection free Mild IVF cycles, using tablets.
  • With Natural Cycle IVF, it is possible to repeat treatment in consecutive cycles.
  • There is less interference with day to day social and working life with our more physiological approach.