We Focus On Producing High Quality Eggs & Embryos

At CREATE Fertility, we advocate Natural and Mild IVF because they focus on the quality of eggs/embryos, not the quantity. There is considerable scientific evidence to show that embryos created from IVF cycles with lower stimulation are of higher quality than those produced in conventional, high stimulation IVF. To illustrate the point, Professor Nargund sometimes uses an excellent study from the Netherlands, published by Dr Esther Baart in Human Reproduction in 2007 (Ref 1).

In conventional, high stimulation IVF, the aim is to produce a large number of eggs and embryos, whereas in Mild IVF, the aim is to produce between 2-7 embryos (Ref 2). In the study by Baart et al. embryos were created from Conventional and Mild IVF cycles. So on first glance, in terms of number of embryos, it appears that Conventional IVF is the better option: 

However, when the embryos are examined in more details for chromosomal problems (aneuploidy), a significantly higher percentage in a conventional, high stimulation IVF cycle are found to be chromosomally abnormal:

Under biopsy, it was found that the same number of embryos were normal in both Conventional and Mild IVF. The additional embryos collected through conventional stimulation were abnormal. All of the additional drugs, stress and costs were unnecessary; the same result could be achieved with Mild IVF. Most importantly, the success rate of Mild IVF is known to have similar success rates to Conventional IVF, but it comes with the benefits of having fewer side effects and health risks, being much less stressful and at a reduced cost.

At CREATE Fertility, we are the pioneers of Natural and Mild Stimulation IVF in the UK. We tailor all of our protocols to focus on quality, not quantity.


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Professor Stuart Campbell

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